Taste buds affected anyone>

Hello, wierdest thing, over the last few days seem to have lost my sense of taste! Not got a cold or blocked nose or anything so a bit odd. Got a slight burning/tingling sensation on my tonge though and pins a needles down my throat. Anyone experienced this?

Yes me! I had tingling face that spread from my lip, then tongue went numb on one side and I either couldn’t taste or things tasted odd. Not quite metallic but just not right. This was before I knew I had ms. Was most put out when went for a meal with friends and couldn’t taste the food that looked delicious!

Hi yes I have noticed a distinct loss of taste when I eat anything, I have tingling down my left side of my face and nose and thinking back probably lost my sense of taste about 3 weeks ago, still waiting for neuro appointment, I thought it was just me!

I had this too, before diagnosis.

The whole of one side of the roof of my mouth and tongue felt like it was coated in something waxy, but only when I ate or drank. Everything also tasted odd or off nothing.

It lasted about 4 weeks before clearing up.

Yep, I had exactly this along with a few other symptons that results in hospital and a course of steroids. Its really hard to explain the feeling! It was my teeth and tongue, I couldn’t even feel my back teeth when brushing. No taste when eating or drinking either.awful sensation, it did go away after the steroids and a few days though! take care and hopefully you regain your sense of taste soon!

Ash x

I can’t say whether my taste is affected - but I know when things first started my face on my left was affected and nose and I had numb tongue anterior on the L aas well as roof of my mouth and lips from Oct 2011 as well as other things. This had almost gone by Oct 2012 but since I had new symptoms in Jan 2013 and my tongue stuff has reoccured. To be honest though I forget about it a lot of the time as the other issues I had were a lot worse at the time and I think I’ve now got quiet use to it (almost feels like this is the ‘norm’)

I know I’ve occasionally thought somethings tasted strange (like lemons) but my mouth feels so numb on that side anyway I don’t know whether it’s that I can’t feel the food properly or taste. Does that make sense?

Yes it does make sense. Its not like the food tastes off just wrong! Probably due to the lack of sensation in the mouth/tongue area. Its very frustrating!

Ash x