Just wondered if anyone has experienc d any issues with taste linked to the MS?

Hi JC,

I had a month about a year or so back when every thing I ate or drank felt waxy on the left side of my mouth. It also was either tasteless or had a horrible metallic taste to it.

It wore of after about a month and everything is back to normal now.



The metallic taste is horrible and it doesn’t matter what I eat, even a glass of fizzy drink doesn’t register on the taste buds, it is so weird…


last year i lost all sense of taste. lost 5 stone. couldnt chew and very hard to swallow. ate tuna which i dont like! taste hasnt come back completely even yet. neuro said a plaque is covering appetite/mouth area…


ps my tale is rare so dont worry but yes ms can affect taste.

JC, I think altered taste can be a side effect of many drugs. I don’t know if MS itself can cause it, but nothing would surprise me.


I had really reduced sense of taste and smell for years. Recently, my sense of smell came back (and taste with it - they are very closely linked for me). After several months of gradually being able to smell more and more, I wasn’t so sure this is a good thing. Food does taste a lot better, but boy, there are a lot of bad smells out there!

Thanks for all the comments which have been really helpful and at least I know its not just me! I am waiting for my MS Nurse to get back to me and I have had my medication tweaked a couple of months ago so I want to check whether that could partly be to claim. I think the MS will be playing a part because as well as the metallic taste I have started biting the inside of my lip when chewing which is darned painful so perhaps my chewing is being affected in some way. I had almost forgotten how frustrating this MS can be!!!

I’ve been doing that recently! Always in exactly rhe same spot. I couldn’t think why. It never occurred to me that it could be my ms. It’s on my list to mention to my dentist at next visit. Might need to add to neuro list too. :slight_smile: