Metal taste in mouth

I am just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced having a metal taste in their mouth as a symptom of Ms . I have had this feeling for about 2 weeks now . I have had Ms for 26 yrs and never had this before , anything I eat tastes weird. Not on any new treatments so just puzzled . I would be glad of any advice thanks

I’ve never had it as a symptom of MS. As a child, I use to have it as symptom of frequent blocked nose/sinus infections.

Also anywhere sore in your mouth will commonly taste metallic, but I assume you’d know if your mouth was sore?

I’ve recently bitten the inside of my cheek (accidentally, in my sleep), and the spot tastes distinctly metallic.


hi bettyboo

meds for my bladder made my mouth feel so rank.

lots of other meds give me that metallic taste but you say that you aren’t on any new meds.

i think i remember having it before my diagnosis but that is all a bit hazy now.

pineapple gets rid of it for me

carole x

I had a metal taste in my mouth about ten years ago. It may have been connected to a stomach issue and acid reflux, can’t quite remember. I mentioned it to my dentist but I don’t think he gave me any answers/advice. I’ve been diagnosed RRMS for two years.

Thanks for your replies ,I am off to the doctor today so hopefully get an answer