Metallic Taste

Hi all I’ve finally got my neuro appt booked for 25th June :slight_smile: In the meantime I was wondering If anybody else has experienced a metallic taste in their mouth, often accompanied by a headache? Hope you all have a good weekend :slight_smile: Kaz x

Hi Kaz,

I am not diagnoised so I don’t know if this helps you at all, but I have had a metallic taste in my mouth on and off for a couple of years. Don’t know what this means and if it is anything to be concerned about. I would mention it at your neuro appointment and then you can let me know lol

Take care

Helen x

LOL! Thanks Helen, I’ll do that :slight_smile: x

I have had a metallic taste, but usually after I pushed myself too far (exercise-wise) after a heart bypass. With mS having wierd effects on muscles, this could be similar.

Regardless, do what Helen says and mention it.


I used to get a metallic taste when I was taking too many painkillers that were causing my stomach to bleed (blood tastes metallic), but if this isn’t a possibility, it could be something like vitamin B12 deficiency. However, given your headaches, I would guess that migraine is a strong possibility - some people with migraine get a metallic taste in their mouth.

Karen x

Thanks guys!

I’m thinking now that the metallic taste is a separate issue from my other symptoms. That’s useful :slight_smile: