metalic taste

hi, i have had a metalic taste in my mouth over the past 10 days and not getting any better.could this be related does anyone know?

thank you and take care x

Hi Sue, are you on any med’s? It’s very often a side effect of medication.

If not, it could be a sign of infection of gums or sinuses. Be worth seeing the GP just in case.

Pat x

thx pat,

am on iron tabs (though keep forgetting to take them) and do have an ongoing prob with sinus. dr app booked for this afternoon and dentist for monday. so all bases covered at the moment i think

best wishes

sue x

Hi again Sue, it is the iron tablets. Even if not taking them everyday… they are known to cause metal taste in mouth (and black poo which you have no doubt noticed )

Good you’ve covered all bases though,

Pat x

Hi Sue. Another possibility could be a zinc deficiency. I say this as a work colleague suffered from the same metallic taste when eating. The doctor thought it might be iron related but after 6 months of juggling vitamins, the zInc tablets sorted it out. However as pat has said if you have too much iron in your system it can cause the same problem! Hope you get this sorted soon. Mike.