metalic taste

hi all, i have over the past 10 days had a bad metalic taste in my mouth. there all the time and really getting me down. could this be related does anyone know?

thank you and take care x

Hi Grannysue

I was diagnosed in March so I’m no expert by any means!

But the only time I’ve had a metallic taste is when I was on I.V Steroids.

Sorry I can’t help more…have you asked your GP…again just guessing but may be it could be something un-MS related.

Hope you get some answers.

Libby : )

I haven't been diagnosed with MS (I am still in limbo) but yes I have been getting that too. It hasn't been constant, but I have noticed sometimes that the more stress I am under, the stronger the taste will be to me. >.< Sometimes it tastes like there is blood in my mouth (but there is nothing!). Hope we find some answers! x

Hi, I often get a metallic taste in my mouth and it can be quite a common symptom. Often it can be due to sinus problems and many meds can alter your sense of taste.

Jacqui xx