Taste ? and MS Lesions ?

Sorry for all the questions folks just alot is occuring at the moment and im trying to figure it and distinguish between ms or normal other issues , has anyone read or know if lesion can cause our taste to become confused in bouts or waves as i was and most still am a 20-30 cups of coffee a day bloke but recently not long after the 2nd lesion that caused my ON blindness my taste would change hourly for a while i blamed it on the water or the coffee ort the milk but this morning wwhile trying to get to my hyrdotherapy appt a taste hit me so strong i had to pull the bike over as i thought i was gonna be ill , caant describe the taste but it was everywhere gums teeth and even the roof of my mouth then into McDonalds for a hot choclate to try to get rid of it after a whole packet of polos it just vanished and i thought whilst riding back to ask here as ive never had it beforee in my life until this last 2yrs just a shot in the dark question

respect sean

hiya sean

i have had taste issues. i dont like tuna but ate some cos it was needing used up and i couldnt taste it! mild flavours i had no chance! its about 90% ok now. lasted for about 6 wks. but i have lesion thats affected my whole mouth area inc speech. am guessing it varies depending on how much of the messages can get through?


My sense of taste has been playing me up for about 3 years now.

It is very strange!! Iv’e had a bad patch during this time and i am really hoping it gets back to normal as my health is now improving.

I also have poor sense of smell so therefore have very poor appetite.

There is a possibility that different medication can cause problems also. Are you on medications? It might be worth a mention to your ms nurse at your next visit.


I have noticed my taste changing recently and I think I am going to put it down to MS, or Karma

I have recently gone off all meat, hate the taste and the whole idea of it makes me gag. So I presume I may have a lesion in the part of my brain that deals with taste? I have also noticed that my tongue has a slightly numb/burnt sensation ( deffo not burnt it recently) so it could be that. And it being down to Karma…the reason for that is I have been a chef for 20 odd years and veggies annoyed me. So now perhaps I have to live the veggie lifestyle by way of punishment

hi sean

taste was affected very early on.

i just can’t taste things properly even though i spend a fortune buying appetising foods.

i lost a load of weight but have put it all back on and more besides.

i hardly eat anything though.

oh the joys eh?

carole x

I have problems with tasting things, so I suppose it’s also possible for our brains to misinterpret flavours. Bizarrely, my sense of smell is quite acute (I thought taste and smell were supposed to be linked), and it can be very disappointing when something smells delicious yet tastes very little…

Mags x

Hello sheep. Yes, I get the taste thing. What happens to me is that I lose the sense of taste. I could be halfway through a meal and all of a sudden I can’t taste the food. It comes and goes thankfully, but it’s annoying when it does happen xx

many thanks folks at least i know its not just me being weird :slight_smile: it seems to have stopped at the moment , yep total full leaded coffee for me Polar x i cant get into that decaf ive trried a few times and am at present trying to wean myself off it and onto Tettley but then the bad day happens and straight away i reach for a fag and coffee , i will get there :slight_smile:

respect sheep

Happened to me once in Costa - my Dad bought me an espresso and a stem ginger biscuit and I couldn’t taste either. Luckily it only lasted about an hour and hasn’t happened again.