Fat/weight gain....

Hi guys, I had a photo taken at a family event when I saw it I was shocked at how much weight I had put on. I knew it was happening the shower/changing rooms don’t permit you to ignore your image! I was so down about it BUT this morning I got up and thought this bloody gorilla is trying to get me from a different angleBu££er it, stand tall and move when you can. To strive, to seek, to find and not to yeild. Much M

Hi M

I think its a side effect of the medication, you cant win either way. If it is any help the ms society do a fitness dvd, lots of it is sitting down, done by Mr Motivator.

Hope you are doing ok, heavy rain here today, so a day inside is on the cards.

Pam x

Sorry M forgot to say I hope your sister is feeling better.

Pam x

I feel exactly the same. Since I started Gabapentin I’ve picked 25kg up and hate it. I’m trying really hard to be good but I’m always so hungry no matter what I try to do. I think the fact that I’m not as mobile doesn’t help. I wish I could help you but will be grateful for suggestions too. Take care, it’s raining here too.

Cath xx

Other way round for me. I’ve lost a stone in the past six months, and am now 12st 6lbs, which for a bloke just under 6ft in his early/mid 40s is kind of thin. My wife thinks it’s to do with the vitamin d supplements which have successfully been curbing my apetite; I never seem to want seconds these days, whereas I used to eat like a horse!

Also, just simple things like walking around the shops, going up stairs etc takes twice as much effort as before so I’m burning up twice as many calories doing the usual stuff. How long I’ll be able to do it for is anyone’s guess, but my advice to anyone trying to lose weight is to hit the max strength vit d tabs.


I’ve given up weighing myself… it’s too damned depressing. Last summer I tried a really low fat diet and cut right back on portions… did it for a week and weighed myself… I had PUT ON weight. Also I felt terrible (well I always feel terrible… but even more terrible than always) all bloody week. CP I take 5000 iu of Vit D3 a day and it hasn’t curbed my appetite one tiny bit. In fact on bad fatigue days… which right now is every day… I crave food even more. I think it’s my body mistakingly thinking it can get some energy from food. To be honest, on the weight front, I have given up. Pat xx

Hi folks, I began Gabapentin approx 18 months ago & gp increased dose twice. I weighed 9.10lbs at the start but noticed weight gain began to increase.

3 months ago my GP changed me to Pregabalin. I now weigh 12.2. I have size 12,14, 16 clothes & last week I bought even more new clothes at size 18 & 20!! At 5’1’’ this makes me obese.

I have PPMS & mobility isn’t too bad as long as not energetic. I use a portable mobility scooter when shopping with someone. As I’ve put just under 3stone on in one & a half years, I wonder if I should stop taking Pregabalin & return to pre diagnosis painkillers of Buprenorphine, Diclofenac & Volterol gel. I took them for a few years without ever increasing dosage but this was before ME was diagnosed. I have a lot of pain, described by my ms nurse as Neuro pain.

Any advice? x

Hi Chrissie, welcome to the board… I think you’re new but if you’re not I apologise… I’ve got rotten memory! It is the problem with a lot of these med’s… they pile on the pounds. The reason why the Pregabalin works for MS, and it’s sister drug Gabapentin, is because they were developed for epilepsy and therefore calm down the central nervous system… where our MS lives! The other drugs probably work on pain in a different way… however there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come off the Pregabalin and go back on the others just as an experiment. If the pain gets bad again, well at least you’ll know why and can go back on it. The weight thing is such a problem … and not just for MS but for most chronic illness and disability. Makes me so MAD when people go on about fat people using mobility scooters… as if we are just too lazy to walk… when vast majority use them because of poor mobility… mix that in with the med’s and really it’s no wonder we put on weight! Anyway hon, as I said, it’s worth a try. Remember, it’s your body, it’s your MS, it’s your decision. Tell the GP that’s what you want to try to just see if it works. Pat xx

Another thought on the weight thing… As I balloon toward obesity, I wonder if my face will fill out? It could have a positive affect and stretch the wrinkles giving me a smooth finish… lol… My cup is half full. Love to all, Pat xx :wink:

I like your thinking Pat.

Pam x

Yes I have always said skinny people wrinkle more quickly than us bonny people.

G.p told me my chlorestrol was 7.5 never had a problem before, he wanted to make a thing about it! Never mind that what about my fatigue, muscle pain, falls,etc etc, blinkin idiot!, sort them out and I can get back on my feet and exercise. I’ve already cut out! no I mean down! my chocolate intake, aware I’m not burning it off. Don’t eat butter at all anymore and that was a treat when I could afford it.

I don’t know how much I weigh the battery in the scales has gone and I keep forgetting to get them.

MS has a lot to answer for!!!

Damned if we do, damnedif we don’t, we can’t win!It didn’t help that I’d broken my rule about try to only wear 2 colours, and deflect the lines with a scarve or something, does that make sense. I have put on half a kilo every year. I too avoid scales BUT mirrors are a bit more difficult to ignore I would make a new paragraph if I could, my sister is toddling along as best she can, cheers for asking Pam her memory is not so goodto all, M

Hi, in my former lfe, I was very interested in all matters slimming. Over the years, I worked for Slimming World and Weight Watchers. When it came to losing weight the healthy way, I thought I knew it all! I went from 16 st to under 9st! But I never lost my liking for crap foods…so aways regained easily.

Even after becoming a full time wheelie user, I still managed to lose 4 stones in weight, after gaining through eating rubbish!

This year I put myself on the SW diet, as it is easy to do and the lbs came off when I used it before.

I must`ve lost something, as clothes are big on my shoulders and my carers tell me I look a bit slimmer.

But my belly and midriff! Oh they are so flabby and bulky! When I look in the mirror, all I see is a big shapeless blob!

Also with having an spc, I need loose tops to cover the pipework!

I feel I have lost my weight battle, as some of you have said. Thing is my carers have to move me manually to dress me.

Ive tried the raspberry keytones and dont think theyve helped.

Luv Mrs Polly Blobby!

Pat it has done nowt for my wrinkles but my neck is now ths same sixe as my head streamling me so putting jumpers on is easier now!

I weigh the most I ever have I was 7-5 stone when I met my wife 100 years ago and now go just short of 15 stone so she has twice as much of me now, she is so lucky. I dont eat excessive and try to excersise but its all but impossible I cant walk any more so it sitting down all day. But on the bright side my jumpers slip over my head easily

Likewise, I used to be 8 1/2 stone size 10 … Now 11 stone and size 16.! Gabapentin and lack of mobility! I’d love to be a ten again but little point hankering after something that’s never going to happen. I Try to eat well…but … no way am I giving up chocolate! I’ve found it’s easier to go with the flow…constant worry about trying to lose weight just makes life miserable. Me and my elf are fat and happy! Nina x

Yeh, it takes a lot of effort and thinking to lose weight now, so let it go…but if i reach 20stone, chuff knows who`ll want to tackle me as a carer!

luv Polx

Damn, blast and bu££er it, we are what we are, more to love? Definately more to cover clothes wisetake care, hope you have a good weekend much M

One of my daughters produced weight scales from her bedroom the really cheap type, I got up the courage to weigh myself this a.m as no one is here, I weigh 2 stone lighter than I did on my digital scales before the battery went, guess which scales I’m keeping!!!

He he he


Sounds like a good plan Pauline.

Pam x

I want some like that please! Nina x