It (MS monster) makes me so angry, I’m being restrained and not using ****** expletives. Please feel free to add your own, I’ve always thought it would turn out to be our fault how F****ed we end up!

So we don’t exercise enough? It takes me an hour to get downstairs if I shower it takes double, thank God for ‘wet wipes’. I try very hard just to get by, right foot dragging (foot drop) this is new. My body doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning but it does, using pure bloody mindedness. This may be were the extra weight comes from. Please see ‘emboldened’ clip from Head of Research

Sorry about the rant folks but I’ve not done it for a while. M

Finally, we report on a study looking at associations between high body mass index and health outcomes in MS which showed that people with MS who were obese were more likely to also have other diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure (comorbidities).

Dr. Dhia Chandraratna
Head of Research


I totally get you, I had an eye appointment this morning at the hospital - when I went to bed my eyes were both bloodshot & puffy as I think I cried for about 2 hours last night… seriously, it just gets too much sometimes, that’s all! (and breathe)

Sending you a hug

Sonia x


I’m with you there. I’ve never been overweight in my life, under for the main part, but since I became ill and had to start Gabapentin I’ve picked up 3 stone and I can’t shake it off. I stay as active as I can be and I’m trying to watch what I eat but it really hurts when I’m described as obese. I can’t look in the mirror, I’m extremely self conscious but what can I do?

I wish people could be a bit more sensitive. Not every overweight person is a lazy couch potato.

Cath x


Hello, M.

Well you’re in the right place to rant. I ranted a lot in the earlier days. My symptoms were less obvious and a lot of people assumed I was exaggerating everything. They would nod and sound sympathetic but still expect me to do everything normally. There would be indignant sighs and tuts if I asked for help or if I dropped something.

Then you get the comments implying that it’s only my age or everyone else has the same thing.

As for putting on weight. Now I’m going to stop writing as I’m getting a bit red.

Best wishes to you M. We can all genuinely sympathise. I try not to rant too much but sometimes…



Exercise oh yeh of course I do marathons dont you know lol. Although i belong to several MS forums, and often read about people who are off jogging, or going to the gym, or flying off on holidays, and i just sigh and think why cant i do all that.

The wahy i get my exercise is i have a hobby my little bantam chickens, which i have to get up and attend too, although its getting to the stage soon i might have to give them away as its getting all too much for me.

Then to keep my weight down, I changed my dinner plate to a smaller plate and i eat half of what i did, and never really hungry and i have kept a steady weight. I realised as i was sedantary i didnt need to eat 2000 calories, so cut it back to 1500, and its worked for me but i still eat more or less the same stuff.

I have seen people far more overweight without MS lol…so i feel quite good about myself.

I eat Mediterranean diet. All fresh and healthy, but i eat lush food. I even have a chocolate icecream every day and a little gluten free cake lol. I feel like i live quite dangerously lol. I dont smoke or drink though so i must have one vice at least.


Good on you Crazy Chick, I try to sit less that’s my marathon and jogging well I move so fast I can’t see myself unless on ‘slow-mo’. Did you see a few weeks ago on the telly, the fastest tortoise? I am faster than it enough said. x


I have never been this big, I used to be a skinny runt but I am now in the wheelchair full time the most exercise I get is struggling to the bathroom on my zimmer I manage about twelve feet before collapsing onto the loo, stall or shower seat. Nobody know what it is like and to criticise me when able bodied people balloon up because they choose to not undertake exercise or change their diets makes me boil. I hate this beast but it makes me smile a lot at my own short comings I just struggled to take the sleeve off a crab stick a few moments ago and I sometime cannot open a packet of crisps. SILLY ME