Taste malfunction!

I had a toffee cheesecake the other day, as did hubby and littl’un. However, it tasted odd, like someone had mixed lemon juice in the toffee sauce. I couldn’t continue, so gave it to hubby who proclaimed it to taste fine and not at all citrus-like. Now, I’ve had an odd sensation on the tip of my tongue for days; it feels like I’ve scalded it but haven’t. I wonder if this has contributed to the taste malfunction. Nothing else has tasted odd, by the way. The kitkat I had shortly afterward was its usual yummy self. Has anyone else had any problems with taste?

Yes I had a week where everything tasted a bit musty you know like a wet towel left in a bag then it cleared. Axx

I had a few days where everything tasted like metal, metallic , horrible

My god, I bet you were gutted!!!

It’s not happened to me (please please don’t let it happen) but I am sure that others will come along with their thoughts.
<rushes off to kitchen to check that the chocolate is still okay. Yes, I know its only 9:30 on Sunday morning - don’t judge me. lol>

Arwen and Gray - eurgh! Glad those cleared up for you! Angela - I don’t blame you! I wasn’t overly gutted by the loss of the toffee cheesecake. Toffee is not my favourite anyway. I’ll be testing another sweet treat in a coffee shop on Tuesday when my friend and I escape for a mum’s morning out. Please, dear tastebuds, don’t let me down! I know that the sense of smell is related to taste and my olfactory abilities are not too wonderful these days. Another symptom? I have to wonder.

One of my first symptoms was that everything tasted off and one sided tongue numbness. Recently it’s happened again, but only with cold food! I ate lots of soup that week! As soon as the food started cooling the taste went. Very strange!