Darn It!!

Hello everyone,

                          This has nothing to do with MS, but I have just got down to my ideal weight, and my sister has gone and made some oatmeal cakes, that she will soon be lathering in fromage-frais! !! Oh, cruel world.

                                               Best Wishes,


You don't have to eat them all!

L x

Well done on getting down to your ideal weight. As for those cakes, why not just enjoy one and not worry about it.

They sound delicious btw!



Thank you for reminding me that my T-shirt needs mending.  cool



Nice Moira

Cruel, cruel world of course you could always pass them my way - I've put on 3 stone since being in my wheelchair so another couple of oat cakes will help me do away with my wheelchair because I'll be round enough to roll around without it.

I love sisters ;-))) Mary

Well done!! I know how hard it is to lose wgt, do you mind me asking how you did it? I’m desparately trying to lose 3 stone, my diet is really healthy and am managing not to overeat, have increased exercise by walking and swimming (even joined the gym and slimming world!) but nothing is happening, the only thing left is to cut out wine altogether and my couple glasses each evening are my only pleasure as I rarely go anywhere these days. I take propranolol and amitryptilline only very small doses but could these be making me stay heavy? Please tell me how you did it and how long it took.

Hello Luisa, Cheryl, Tina, Mary and Wanda,

                                                                         Thank you for your responses. Unfortunately, I had every intention of just having 'the one', but then that one became two because I had forgotten to share some with the hamster (that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!). Then this morning, I saw that there were five still on the plate, so 'just the one' crept into my mind, and I sort of saw my hand independently (Paul Daniels like) reach for the biggest slice. I then shared this with hamster so as not to feel quite so guilty, but as I type there are still two on a plate in the kitchen.


                Not sure how long my weight will qualify for the word "ideal", but as I can't exercise half as much as I used to and I find it difficult to shift weight, I started on eating FAR fewer carbs. This diet is ideal as I can still eat enough, but somehow it just doesn't stick to me like it used to. Good Luck with this!!

                      Best Wishes all,


Id say get out a pair of shorts youve been dying to wear or buy a lovely skirt you cannot yet get on, then remind yourself, its cake or clothes.  Its hard, Im dieting at the mo, only a few days in and Im STARVING.


Those bloomin amytryptiline pills have a lot to answer for. 




ps: you can smell them, perhaps lick once or twice but never ever bite, its fatal.