Off my food!

Hiya my lovely fellow peeps!

Is there some kind of symptom of MS wherein you can lose the inclination to eat?! For the last week or so I’ve become less and less motivated to fix myself something to eat as I’m not really hungry and tonight I’ve just realised that I haven’t eaten since Thursday afternoon! I’m still drinking loads it’s just that food isn’t interesting me at all.

Linda ((x))

hi linda

the heatwave probably hasn’t helped.

even my husband (normally a despiser of salad) has eaten nothing but salad.

i don’t eat to the clock and my meal times must seem random.

as long as you are drinking plenty you aren’t in any danger.

try watching tv programs about food.

vegetarian always looks really good, i think it’s because it’s colourful.

nigel slater is good.

when you see something that awakens your hunger pangs, click on record!

last time i went out for a meal with a friend, i ordered a vegan choice.

i am not vegan nor vegetarian, but the description on the menu sounded wonderful.

it tasted amazing, a really interesting dish, lots of unusual vegetables such as sweety drop peruvian peppers.

carole x

The heat will make you feel like eating less and if your drinking loads your filling up with fluids anyway.

Get some fruit by you so you can snack on them, and some health bars. (not sugary). I think the heat is enough to stop anyone bothering. I cant be bothered if my care worker didnt feed me 3 times a week i wouldnt bother much. Like yesterday i was on my own so finally just chucked a spag bol from freezer into to the microwave and ate that straight out of the tray it came in lol.

Now its cooler for a few days you might feel better to eat. xxx

Hi, sorry for the late response, I’ve been trying to arrange a food delivery from ASDA, but now somehow they’ve put me down as a collection instead so I’m going to have to ring round for help to get it home. Good Lord! Ordered lots of fruit and snacky things as you both suggest but now got to rely/bother other people to get it all home!

In a bit of a dark place too at the moment, as it’s yet another blisteringly lovely day where normally I’d be outside living life instead I’m inside, curtains still closed, whole body is really aching and legs and feet are buzzing, got the brain fog going on I think too! I’m a bit kaput today. Hearing a lot of good things about this CBD oil, do you think I could give it a whirl?

hi linda, by heck you sound like me! it’s awful when a simple task that you could normally do with your eyes shut gets complicated beyond belief. i used to love sitting in the sun but nowadays i’m reluctant to open the curtains and as for setting foot outside!!! CBD oil is great. i have the white edition from CBD Brothers. google them for the address. 3 drops under my tongue gives fairly instant pain relief. there is also a company called Adore CBD who i have bought from. they have a facebook page. give it a try. carole x

I’m having the dark curtain days too, at the moment mostly I have a good day if you can call it that, then the next day I have a bed day. It seems to be working. It only goes wrong when I convince myself I can go out and do things and realise as soon as I am out of the back door that I am thinking the wrong thing.

There has been a change this week, my neighbour asked me to feed her chickens which turned out to be six chickens, two cats and two rabbits. The cats hate each other the rabbits hate each other. So the chickens have a coop and a mass of garden, the one rabbit runs free, the other is in a large pen, the two cats live in the house and can get but the one will only eat if I sit on the floor in the kitchen with her. Blimey. So I think it has done me good in a way although I am so tired each day because of it. It is next door really so a few steps, then sit with the cats, snuggle the one who is nice, go out whilst being pecked at by hungry chickens, collect their eggs whilst being pecked by chickens, take them in whilst other cat appears and runs off, go up the garden where I have created a sitting feeding station, give sweetcorn to very hungry chickens, give greens to very hungry chickens all whilst they are flapping and pecking and trying to get in my knee, go get chicken pellets and put that out, go get rabbit food for lovely rabbit who runs free, go get rabbit pellets and get into pen for lonely rabbit who has dug a six foot hole (that seems to be heading towards my garden), go down the bottom of the garden to get escaped small rabbit who has pushed the fencing out of the way, shoo her back in, fill hole with rocks, fill water buts for all little things, put fresh straw about for all, give everyone a snuggle then back in the house to sit with the scared cat.

I have loved it but it has turned into the only thing I do each day really. Then I am exhausted so sitting and lying. Yesterday I decided as the weather will change soon, to just pick some greens out of the field for them. I dragged my grey face and trixy leg and foot round the corner and was rewarded with a nice man chatting about rabbits and his dog, Teazle. I was only out for five but it was very pleasant to see someone and talk. I felt better for it even though I thought whilst he was talking that I was about to fall down.

Balance is hard. Has this activity made me feel ill, yes! Shall I be in bed all day today after chicken feeding, yes! My son sends me links to funny (usually very inapropriate films) netlfix most days, so when I am in bed or sitting in my support chair I watch all sorts of tat which makes me laugh. I find this helps. Also I have not been hungry although under Doctor’s orders, eating regularly otherwise he pulls his face. I don’t think we are supposed to eat much really when it is this hot. The other night, a rare occasion at my son’s house, nearly 80 degrees in their newbuild lovely house, roast for dinner! No ta, not for me I said, I’ll have a bowl of cereals. They were then up all not being very unwell.

My snacks when not hungry this year have been those tiny bags of nuts, fresh red peppers, green olives, raw grated carrots and greens. Apples, mixed with a bit of melon or grape. Those have helped me inbetween not-hungry periods especially when I have been up a long time and not eaten. Then I spoilt it and went to the chip shop.

Have a good Saturday everyone. Off next door now for the last time (thank goodness) then bed or garden with a book.

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