This may sound weird, but as this is all new to me, does anyone feel that their symptoms are worsened by being hungry, and that by eating they start to feel a little better?

Hi Sammy,

Yes, definitely! I don’t think this is recognised as an “official” symptom of MS. I think it’s just true of a lot of illnesses. I suppose, if you’re hungry, you just don’t have as much energy and stamina to deal with things. I find a hot dinner, particularly, seems to help, but even a hot cup of coffee is better than nothing.

My dad, when he had cancer, used to feel a bit better after a comforting hot drink.


Thanks Tina, I sat and had leftovers from roast dinner at half ten nothing else could hit the spot. Thought I was losing the plot yet again! Lol xxx

Hi Sammy,

When I was first diagnosed, someone here gave me the advice: “Don’t get cold, don’t get tired, don’t get hungry!”

Of course, being the obstinate s*d I am, I’ve regularly done all three - you can’t really live a “normal” life without it happening at least sometimes. But it was sound advice, because if I do let myself get cold, tired, or hungry, I certainly know about it more than I used to. The MS tends to be pretty sharp about letting me know, if I’m not taking enough care of myself.



Hi Tina, That’s sound advice, and it’s funny, I do seem to feel the cold more than I used to, to the extent I have had the heating on non stop, simply because having to keep getting up in the night to go to the loo I was so cold. I was only saying to my mum earlier, I wish I had listened to my body last week when I started feeling lethargic and couldn’t be bothered. Had I listened I probably might not have suffered to the extent I have done over the last week or so. This is all very new to me, but your comments make so much sense. Thankyou! Yet again xxx

Hi Sammy, I think it’s to do with energy. Food is fuel so when we get hungry the fatigue kicks in and everything else goes downhill.

I also notice on very bad fatigue days that I’m just hungry all day. NOTHING satisfies my hunger. I think it’s my body trying to find and energy source. Unfortunately also means I’m too tired to cook so it’s heat up/microwave meals or breakfast cereal!

Tina I love that “Don’t get cold, don’t get tired, don’t get hungry”! I would only add one thing… “Don’t get hot”!

Pat x

I am in agreement, I am yet to be diagnosed with anything and I can go all day without eating I just forget to at and If my body says your hungry I say ok, then something haens and I forget to eat again, Your body needs fuel and a healthy diet can only assist your body giving you the energy levels needed, I feel a lot better when I eat but then someday it doesnt matter what I do I can be bad.

I could walk to the shops and be fine but then I could struggle to get out of bed, same diet, same activity just my body doesnt want to work.

Keep going and glad your posting, this place is great for help

Yes, Pat, I’m a don’t get hot person too. I find I get to boiling point for absolutely no reason nowadays…We used to holiday in Greece for goodness sake so it’s not like I’ve always been overheating…and when the heat hits hard so does everything else. Xx

Thanks all of you, it really does help to realize I am not going completely mad! :slight_smile: xxx

Me too… esp in the evenings! And very strange this one… if I get cold I start to get hot… and then boiling!

MS… the gift that just keeps on giving…

Pat x

Absolutely…I can be in the garden, in the snow and sweat be dripping off me !! And having my hair dried is an absolute mare. Xx