End of my tether

Please can anyone enlighten me. I feel like I have been here non stop and mithering people since I signed up yesterday. I have not been diagnosed officially by a neurologist, I go to see her next week, but have been by two other docs who have since referred mefor an official dx. Since last week I have started to feel not just fatigued to the extreme, but ill with it too, as well as all the symptoms like numbness, muscle twitches, pins and needles and weakness etc feeling completely worse. Is this typical? And can you feel ill like this? Thanks in advance Sam xx

Hi again, Sam.

What kind of “ill”? Nauseaous? What?

I have to say, I do feel ill most days, but I think it’s mostly a combination of pain and fatigue. I’m not sure there’s anything else that makes me feel ill (but pain and fatigue are quite enough).

Every once in a while, I do get a bout of nausea, which can last a few days. This could be a normal tummy bug, but I’m almost certain it’s an MS thing, as since diagnosis, I’ve gone from about one tummy bug per 20 years, to a couple a year. It could be my drugs as well. Most of the time, I seem to just about tolerate them, but occasionally, I might have a phase when I need to step them up a bit. Sometimes, that tips the balance between my body saying: “OK, fair enough!” and: “Bleuuurgggh! I’m not letting you take any more of this stuff!”



Hi Sammy, no need to apologise for asking questions and looking for answers here. We will do our best to help and support you, but sometimes, the best people to ask is your neuro or MS nurse.

As you are so early on in your MS journey, there are bound to be things you get frightened/upset about, until you get to know whats normal` for you.

I think what you are describing is pretty normal for MS, but write your list of questions/symptoms for next week.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Hi again, both of you, and thanks for replying, All I can describe it as is like feeling hungover, like I have had about half an hours sleep in two days and want to eat myself senseless. I think the tiredness may well be exacerbating this nausea and hungover feeling. I am just counting down the hours now until the little ones bedtime so I can curl up myself as my hubby won’t be home from work until well after 9 tonight. Thankfully, I have quite a bit of help today. I asked for it as suggested to me yesterday and boy it was a massive help. Sam xx

Stress can make symptoms much worse so it’s no wonder you’re struggling more at the moment.

Rest lots and be kind to yourself.

Karen x