All time low point feeling frustrated x

Hi guys,

please bare with me as I’m very new to all of this but just looking for a little light out there at the end of this very dark tunnel. I have not received a diagnosis of ms as yet, but getting a little upset and fed up of people saying I have it, everyone that is apart from my neurologist (she does not specialise in ms). Im now in the forth month after the symptoms really started to take effect. On a daily basis at present I have numbness and tingling in random parts of the body, along with spasms, stiffness and pain especially in the right side of the body. Im sooo tired all the time, and when I get over tired I sound like I’ve been drinking all night (don’t drink alcohol at all), to the point where my dentist even asked my mum yesterday if I was an alcoholic. My MRI, and lumbar came back normal and my neurologist is convinced I’ve a deep depression, which I know is not how I feel. Granted Im frustrated, and a little fed up now, I’ve gone from an abled bodied person (health visitor at that) to not being able to drive, walk far without support or even shop on my own. My GP thinks its ms, the nurses on the ward thought it was ms, my physio thinks its ms but my neurologist thinks im potty. I just want to get back to normal, get well, and live my life as full as I can, but without a diagnosis I cant receive any medication apart from gabapentin which isnt really helping. I have good days and bad days, and still believe it or not have a positive attitude. I was just wondering if I was alone in struggling t get t the bottom of feeling pants, or if anyone else had experienced any of this.

Sorry for ranting but at present it feels like no one understands.

Thankyou for listening xxx


Im really sorry your having such a hard time with this. I have been told i have CIS but have to wait 6 months before i can be told if its MS or just one of these things in life. I fully understand how frustrated you are. I have the tingly, numbness, vision lose and fatigue. Twice i seen a specialist to be told my GP was wrong and that there was nothing wrong with and after both MRI’s i was told it was cis. It just feels like it takes over your life but you are not alone i promise. The frustrating thing is the waiting game to get somewhere but il keep my fingers crossed for you that something happens sooner rather than later. This forum has provided a lot of support for me and i hope you have the same experience here.

Danni xxx