are anyone's symptoms exacerbated by eating

I have a problem that no one else with MS seems to have.Whenever I eat or drink my symptoms are exacerbated.Hot food and large amounts are worse but I can feel the the effect even after a glass of water ! To be clear, it seems to be nothing to do with diet but applies to all foods (and drink).I can cope with it better at night but eating a decent sized lunch time usually results in me being incapable of doing much more than crawling to bed Both MS nurses I have seen have never heard of such a thing but I’m sure there must be someone out there who has the same problem.If you or anyone you know has a similar problem please let me know


Kev I’ve not heard of this either! Maybe you’re a Medical Marvel but hopefully this will bump you up the forum in case anyone else is affected Best Wishes Jane

Hi Kev,something similar happens to all humans after they’ve eaten a fair sized meal.The body has to expend energy to start digesting the meal and to begin moving it through the intestines.The whole of Spain goes for a kip after lunch…OK the climate plays a role.In your case the effort takes a lot of energy out of your system,resulting in what you experience.

The most complex meal to digest is the Full English,and I’m not talking three Rennies and a fag…The Full Hit is a mixture of fats,protein and carbohydrate.No wonder you’ll feel full for hours and won’t be hungry until High Tea.

I nibble at stuff throughout the day,so I don’t go ‘all floppy’,it helps me control my bladder and I have a small dinner consisting of ‘picnic food’.I might be talking out of the lower end of my intestine,but it would be easy enough to try nibbling as you go.

Bon appetit,


Hi Kev, I often get the same thing when I eat, usually it happens later in the day. It feels as though once I’ve eaten a few mouthfulls my body can only do the digesting and nothing else so it shuts down. After that its really uncomfortable to do anything for the rest of the day. I thought it was just me too! Jenni

Hi Kev Ihave a ssimilar problem, I have actually got to the point that I don’t like eating and things I used to love I don’t want to eat anymore because I feel rough afterwards. You are not alone. The needing to sleep afterwards doesn’t happen all the time but does happen very frequently. I don’t have anything to suggest to help ease it sorry Barney

Yep. I’ve had to stop eating a sandwich at lunchtimes at work as I’m good fr nothing in the afternoon if I do - I just avoid bread and find that helps. Intake fruit and nuts to snack on during the day. Not heard of just a glass of water having that effect though.

Btw Wb you are hilarious - 3 Rennies and a fag!

hi kev

if i make a meal for the family i find it hard to eat it.

now if i get a takeaway from my favourite indian restaurant i have no trouble at all in eating it.

perhaps its my cooking.

carole x

You are not alone with this. I find the same, hot food is the worst, I’ve never asked about it and have always put it down to body temperature raising when digesting the food and the temperature raise being the trigger for the increase in symptoms.


Personally I cannot relate to eating causing me issues, however, bizarrely I followed a link yesterday to youtube where a guy has made a video diary over a year where he claims that eating, makes his MS attack pattern worse. I was looking for some info on Wahls diet and ended up with him.

Hope the link works,

if not search for

Day 125 of MS Diet Diary

I didn’t watch to much of it but might be of useto you, below is the guys description of the videos:

“This time I discuss returning hardcore to the paleo diet, despite the fact that I’m now quite certain my MS attack pattern is driven by the consumption of ANY food. Thanks for watching. Feel free to leave questions or comments, and I’ll do my best to address them in the videos.”

Hi, This is exactly me! Hot food, hot drinks, large meals (hot or cold) totally wipe me out, even getting up out of a nice, warm bed. I have to sit on the bed with the fan blasting at me for 10 minutes before I can even try to walk. It’s hard for other people to appreciate how these little things effect me. I tend to drink just water during the day and have small snacks, very rarely eat after noon or I’m too tired to make tea. After tea I’m usually good for nothing for a few hours. Heather

Yes happens to me even if I eat next to nothing I am unable to keep my eyes open for long, evening meal just wipes me out completely.

There is another similar post - about MS-Coeliac. l have answered it - as l think it is carbs that cause the problem. Our bodies have to use so much energy to eat bread/biscuits/cakes. lf you keep to high protein - and lots of veg symptoms will improve. For many pwms - carbs can cause impacted bowels - and for a few it does the opposite and causes diarrhoea.

lts not a case of food allergy - more a food intolerance.

Thanks for the tips spacejacet,but I never eat egg,no bread,plenty of fruit,Deli Samosas,cooked meat cut about an inch thick very occasionally when my corpse demands protein, and a Granola slice.Multi vitamins,Omega 3,10 Malboro light and 1.5 litres of quality cordial with two sachets of Movicol.Oh,and a slack handful of Midget Wine gums

I’m lucky in that I can eat the same stuff for months.I haven’t got Scurvy or Rickets so my diet isn’t too bad.

Wb xx

ps No worries about the old guts,because of the dailty OMEPRAZOLE

Anybody ingesting 3-4 types of drug should talk to their Guinea Pig

Omeprazole destroys vitamin b12 - so do make sure you are taking a b12 supplement. l know this because my old mum is on them. With older people a b12 deficiency is linked to dementia.

Mum will be 90 in a months time. Called round to do her hair today. Shampoo/cut/blowdry [or blow job- as mum calls it - perhaps she needs more b12] She reads lots of ‘thrillers’ John Gresham/Tess Gerritson/Michael Connolly - Lisa Gardner/Lee Child. And is always doing crosswords.

To-day l have cooked her plum and almond crumbles - to go in her deep-freeze - and she can get them out and microwave.

A few weeks ago - we found she had unplugged the freezer to plug in a ‘fan’. And all her dinners had thawed. A mistake we all make at sometime.

Yes, Ive had similar problems and it would seem since then i suffer acid reflux and the heat from a full tum and eating so much tends to rocket my temperature hence fatigue sets in immediately.

I too mentioned it to my neuro and ms nurses however got told same as you, theyve never heard of such a thing.

I get around the situation now by going outside just after eating and trying to cool off. Also found eating smaller meals and more often stops the fatigue from getting worse.

Its the exhaustion from eating which is affecting you, I know it affects me too, so you are not alone.

best wishes



Me too…my MS nurse told me that it is a commonly experienced part of uhthoffs syndrome. Catherine Xx

Hi Kev

Same as lots of others i get it to!!! Don’t eat huge amounts as can’t stomach much ( exxcuse the pun), and i find gluten/wheat makes me worse!!! So only eat what i fancy in small amounts and only when i feel hungry or know i HAVE to eat!

Wb… omeprazole iss what iv’e just been put on along with a different type ( can’t remember it’s name) so i’m now up tp 15 pills for breakfast!!! ( think that’s 8 different types of drugs

Kate x x

A bit of good advice l was given- never drink and eat at the same time - and certainly never a hot drink with or straight after food.

lts worth breaking the habit if you do do this.