Its not just the hot weather !

Hi all. I posted a thread a while ago regarding certain foods that make my symptoms worse and asked if anyone else came across the same. Well, since posting the thread, ive kept a diet diary so i could work out if my theory about certain foods was right. Then i saw it ’ a pattern’ !!!

On certain days foods would make my symptoms worse and on others eating the same foods had no effect… but then i realised especially after lunch today, that its HOT food that makes me worse and not the actual food items. Warm food is ok, but HOT food… Blimey, i can hardly walk now after my HOT lunch & my arm wont work.

So, i know the hot weather effects our symptoms, but has anyone else experienced the difference between warm & hot food and the effects it has?


Hi Dave… yes! It’s anything that can put your temperature up… so exercise, sauna, hot drinks, hot bath or shower… and action between the sheets… LOL!

Now which of those are you going to choose to give up?

Pat x

Looks like ive got no option in giving up the so called ‘action between the sheets’ Its not just the hot weather thats getting me frustrated !

Hi Dave I’m new to this but have definitely noticed that decaf tea is better than the caffeinated sort for the water works. I now have some of each and it’s made a huge difference. Cath x

It’s rubbish isn’t it?! I actually found myself telling my poor, poor mum only the other week “I’m too young for tena lady and resigning myself to the missionary position forever!” … achey thighs really don’t help with the drop-foot and spasticity lol

I’m also avoiding the sun, told hubbie to go out so I can hide indoors with the curtains shut, it figures that a hot meal would do the same I suppose.

I’m gonna have a long cool shower soon hoping it might steady my head a little.

Sonia x

Ooooh I’ll try that … Thanks Cath

Or shall i call you De-Cath x

Hi, Hot food, hot drinks, hot weather, exercise, large meal (the energy used to digest the food causes fatigue), the list goes on. I live in a world where I do best when I’m hungry and on the verge of shivering. I’m usually best before I have any breakfast. Once my body starts digesting, there’s a definite drop in energy. Heather

Spooky…I’m exactly the same and my house is called ‘Heather’-dale … Have we found a breakthrough link?


Yay! Someone who I can relate to. Others think I’m some freak of nature. By the way, our house is called Watersedge, and I’m on the verge of having a reverse osmosis water filter fitted. We live in a very hard water area, plus there’s fluoride added, and I just feel polluted drinking the stuff. Also, as we live next to a river, we have literally been at the water’s edge a few times!