No appetite

I can’t remember the last time I felt hungry. It’s so not like me I love my food. Not sure if it’s an ms thing or a stress thing.

Can’t help you there lovely! I have NEVER lost my appetite EVER! No matter how ill I’ve been or how stressed I’ve been in my life I’ve always guzzled just as much - if not more!

Even after I’d had an operation to remove a large cyst from my sinuses! - they went through my upper mouth and nose and drilled through bone to get at it - so my face was full of stitches and swollen so bad I resembled a camel (ana attractive one tho!) - I still managed to push food through the gaps as soon as I woke up!

My sister however is totally the opposite - you have been through such a lot lately I would say it’s highly likely to be the stress on top of the MS xx

When she’s like that my sister buys drinks like complan or even slim fast to make sure she’s getting the nutrients she needs x you really need to keep your strength up xxxxxxjenxxxx

Well thanks for that Jen what a lovely image lol. I’m normally the same though, that’s what worries me. I suppose on the plus I might get a few pounds off. We are off to visit my parents on Sunday and my mum usually force feeds us enough to last a week!

If I could put a pic up on here to show you - you would so know what I mean!! The only thing that differentiated me from a camel was the bristly hairs!!! Ewww! xxx

Aww don’t worry Jen you can always shave the bristly hairs off lol

Hi Nikki

I have poor appetite at the mo. I have had a couple of episodes like this in the last few years and i do believe it is linked to ms. It just happens for no reason - no increased stress or anything.

The first time it happened i lost loads of weight but now i have learnt to cope with it by eating little and often. I cant seem to eat a big meal so graze on fruit and salad/tuna or ham wraps.

Kizzydane has given good advice - complan was great for me when i really couldn’t manage anything at all.

The unfortunate thing with my current episode is that i am also grazing on cheese and instead of losing weight i have gained a stone.

Nikki - don’t forget that loss of appetite can also be a sign of depression and that would be understandable also with the problems you have had recently.

Kizzydane - i love reading your posts also = you make me smile. I now am visulising you looking like a camel with stitches and food poking through your teeth!

Teresa. x

I’ve made some bread and I love that when it’s still warm so hopefully that will help. I am on anti depressants but I go the other way when I’m depressed I could eat a scabby horse! Jen you make me laugh as well, could you imagine if we arranged to meet I would never find you. I would be looking for a humped camel looking woman with a bristly beard!

What a lovely image! I’ve gone right off my banana! ;D

I think it’s definitely a symptom of depression… but it could be both. I’m not exactly sure.

However, since the onset of my MSsy symptoms, I have actually completely changed my diet.
I used to be a smoker. I went STRAIGHT off smoking. (I have been smoke-free for well over a week now with no desires to smoke again).
I used to drink fizzy drinks (Diet Coke) every day. I just don’t drink it anymore.
I used to be addicted to chocolate. I have cut RIGHT down to barely any. (Any I do have lasts me for days now, rather than minutes!)

I’m not sure if this in and of itself is a symptom of MS, or worrying that I have MS has frightened me into changing my life!

I haven’t been eating as much AT ALL… I can go for hours without food, start to feel really hungry, make myself a dinner, take 4 bites, and then start crying and not wanting to eat anymore! I think my stomach has shrunk so I get fuller more quickly… but I do feel this is very symptomatic of my depression and my anxiety.

I’ve also been bent on trying to alleviate the symptoms which are causing me the most agro (brain fog, dizziness and stiffness) and trying to work out foods which help me even just a little bit. Green tea can really help calm my nerves. I’ve been trying to drink 5 cups a day. :3 I still don’t know what to do about my brain fog and dizziness though.

Pahahaha!! That is SO funny!!!

I can go either way. There have been times of high stress and trauma where my stomach feels so knotted that I can’t eat but in the past few years I seem to be the opposite. I comfort eat. I managed to lose 2 stone last year on the Cambridge Diet but then I split with my husband and gained a stone. Then I got ill with these horrible symptoms and although I didn’t eat much while I was in the midst of the worst of the symtoms, as soon as I started feeling better I started comfort eating again. Chocolate is my thing, followed by anything else with sugar in it: cakes, biscuits etc.

I have now gained the 2 stone I lost last year and am starting to think I should try put a lid on it before it escalates. I have always been quite slim until I hit late 30’s then things seemed to change.

Extreme stress can still go either way with me at times though, either not eating anything or binging on comfort food.