Lost of appetite

Hi everyone, I have ms I have had it since 2007,lately I have no appetite to eat.I just eat because you have to.Has anyone had this problem? thanks



i have lost 2 and 1/2 stone since july. cant feel when i am hungry. i know i need to eat for fuel but it such a struggle. 2/3 bites/mouthfuls and i think i am full. can only suggest the usual basics-small and frequent and fluids.

hope ur appetite returns eventually-u and me both!

ellie x

me too. i hardly eat a thing usually.

one day last week i cooked sirloin steaks panfried in butter and finished off with red wine (we didnt have any so i used port) and caramelised onions. even had chips with it.

it was delicious but halfway through i was too tired to chew so hubby had mine as well.

My appetite for proper food has just about gone,but I know why…Butrans morphine patches,Tramadol and Oromorph.So,Anon is it possible that medication you are on has whipped your appetite?


ps About the only exercise I get is chewing Midget Gems

I struggle with lack of appetite myself. It is not constant for me usually but the last 2 years have been a battle with it.

I have to make myself eat and am better eating little and often. I am ok with drinking though.

If i have really bad times with it i drink complan (meal replacement drink) so i know i am getting some vitamins/minerals.

The only medication i am on is Rebif. The gp suggested it could be linked with depression/mood.


Me too! I have to make myself eat? I drink plenty tea, coffee & water, But never fancy any food? I used to be a big chocolate fan but I never even crave that now! I’ve just had a free Graze box, you get little plastic sealed boxes with savoury or sweet things, so they are useful to have in!

I always have this problem , thought it was the tysabri. I make meals for my husband and children but just don’t fancy all of mine. I drink a lot of tea and hot water though ! Hope.

People can lose their appetite if their vitamin d levels get too high. If you’re taking supplements, it might be worthwhile getting a blood test. Karen x

This happened to me, back when my GP prescribed a ‘shock dose’ to be taken once a week. To be honest, I wasn’t too upset, I put on weight by just thinking about food.


Happened to me, went to Dr and was tested for thyroid problems. BMI was nearly to low.

Happy to say appetite came back, sad to say I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. ( eating and no exercise).

Anonymous - try and have little meals and healthy snacks inbetween- nuts, fruit, dried fruit etc. I found that was better than trying to eat the usual three meals a day.

Keep healthy,

Jen x

Hi, I am quite surprised at how many of you have this problem.

i did think more folk were like me…struggling to lose weight…immobility is what I blame…not my love of all things naughty but nice.

luv Pollx

I think I’ve got everyones appetites,

ive had the same problem on n off for years, there will be periods where i will only eat if im hungry which will be once a day or not even that, other periods ill be eating 3-4 times a day, it flits between the 2, ive never been able to manage it where i eat everyday proper meals, i just pick instead of doing proper cooking

I’ve noticed that you can divide people with MS into the ones struggling to keep weight on and those wanting to lose weight. Society says it’s better to be thin - but only to a certain point (about 7.5 stone for an average height woman?). Once you’re down below that, people’s reaction is worse, although different, to how they react if you’re overweight.

I lost weight for no reason a few years before diagnosis - it was so great at the time, cured the moderate binge eating problem I had. Since then, I’ve sometimes got too thin (not horribly thin but clothes starting to be loose and feeling even colder than normal) and had to make myself eat more. But I am getting less able to walk, cycle and it’s several years since I’ve been able to swim or do pilates so maybe I’ll go over the way sometime.