Loss of appetite?

Im just wondering does MS affect a person’s appeitite as I only ever seem to be able to eat a very small amount (child size portion) I think I used to be able to eat more and certainly cant eat as much as some family members.

Does anybody else have very little appeitite?

Hi Jon, sorry to say I have the opposite problem but I have read posts before about poor appetite and MS.

Try lots of ‘little but often’. If you have very bad weight loss, see the GP. There are things that can help build weight up.

If your weight isn’t too low Jon I wouldn’t worry about it. Most of us in the west eat far too much, and far more than we need. I think if you are eating your fruit and veg and some carbs and protein for energy, you’re doing ok.

I know I eat too much. I don’t have much energy at all so don’t do much, so really why do I need much food? But, as I say, if you are much below you ‘healthy weight’, you should see GP.

Take care,

Pat x

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Hi Jon,

I thought I had replied to this but it seems to have vanished. Yes My appetite is very poor (used to love my food) I get nauseated as well and dont know why. Eating small portions is ok i f you can little and often is good. Is it that you feel full or just dont have an appetite. Are you constipated? When Im constipaterd and thats a lot I feel full all the time and just dont feel like eating. I agree with Pat I think you should mention it to your gp. I was found to be low in folate I presume due to my diet so worth getting yourself checked out. Take care

Yes Anita I am slightly constipated, it’s not uncomfertable I just know I need to go but nothing comes out I also suffer frlom the bladder equilevent pis en deu which can be very frustrating I have tried to get an appt with my Dr but my Dr but my surgery has the ystem where you have to ring up at 8am to make an appt same day. When I call its always engaged and by the time I get through all of the appts are gone

Hi Jon,

I have rrms and i have this sometimes. It comes and goes with me.

I have very poor appetite at the moment and i am forcing myself to eat. I am eating little and often which helps a lot. I dont seem to be able to manage much hot food either.

I had a bad relapse when i was diagnosed and stopped eating. I was really ill and dropped loads of weight. I will never let myself get that bad ever again. so, even though i have no appetite - i make myself eat.

I also find if i am really struggling i can manage complan (food replcement drink) from chemists… It has all the vitamins/minerals as well so i feel i am replacing the food and not lacking in vitamins.

best wishes


How I wish I could say the same.

I have a friend who was disgnosed MS, but as the months went on she lost weight,a little each week until it became very obvious. After 4years of losing weight they are now investigating, and have decided it is not MS. She is having blood test etc. My advise would be to challenge you diagnosis if you continue to lose weight. take care x

My sympathies to those who have trouble eating their food.

In my case, I enjoy food, but there apears to be a cost, everytime I eat my vision goes very strange. Sort of high contrast with what appears to be the beginning of a megraine without the blistering pain.

I also experience a bloating feeling about lunchtime, so I keep myself occupied and forget food in the day, which keeps me sharp, and only eat at night at which time it does matter so much. Very odd !

This illness twists and turns, you never know what’s coming next…

I have ppms so I now expect the unexpected, even my new sparling wheelchair which arrived two weeks ago…

Hi mrbup, I hope you are liking your new wheelchair?

You are right… it’s all twists and turns. Never know what will happen. I’ve never heard of food having that effect. Awful for you! Hopefully it will be one of those things that will disappear in time. Hope so.

Take care and have good weekend,

Pat x

1-Water Fastens Weight Loss
2-Frequent Small Portioned Meals For Faster Weight Loss
3-Fruits & Vegetables for Healthier Weight Loss
4-Say NO to Fatty Foods
5-Regular Exercises for Faster Weight Loss
6-Avoid Late Night Meals
7-Listen to Your Body
8-Fiber for Fast Weight Loss

Thanks David, some good tips there. Just wish I could exercise without going into complete fatigue meltdown! But will try some of the others and I didn’t know that water fastens weight loss!

Pat x


Ive had problems with loss of appeite for about 6 months after a relapse. I cant even look at certain meats and ffoods without feeling sick. im struggling to find things to eat. My bowels dont really work so any advise would be appreiated. thanks


ask gp to precribw ‘build up’ or whgatever is used nowadayd.

hope yoy find your solution


Just been sent this link…I thought I’d respond as I’m still here but lost the reliable use of my legs although I now have a new super upgraded motorized wheelchair, spins on a sixpence, goes up and down, reclines. The cost of which is the loss of the thought of a daily 10 mile run, balance is rubbish so its good night to any Tai Chi.

The food is still going down well and the lighting flashes are not so frequent. But with lack of activity that is playing havoc with my guts causing constipation, the bladder has a will of its own which we now have under control through various techniques and drugs.

Solution so far with constipation is a dried fruit and nuts muesli, half a dozen dried prunes and four dried figs for breakfast. It losens things up considerably…

Fuzzyduck (Mrbup upgraded)

I went through a period of loss of appetite about three years ago. I used to enjoy burger an chips, ham, egg and chips, chips and chips but finally stopped fatty food intake and eventually my appetite came back .

Years ago i had a severe relapse which affected my appetite in a big way.I just could not face food at all.I forced myself to eat a slice of toast a day just to survive.I went from 9 stone down to just under 6 stone i looked dreadful.My appetite did not come back for 18 month.

I don’t like food either myself but i got to keep going for my babies here at home i am always sick at my stomach every time i eat or drink anything i have bad acid reflux it’s so bad there are holes in my chest they had me on that’s med"s for years the med"s they the recalled and caused cancer plus i have Chron’s Disease real real bad and i can’t not digest anything at all it doesn’t matter what i eat or drink at all it comes out of me like water and i have to stay close to my bathroom at all times feel free to message me any time ok i am here to talk if you need to ok “’’ lou2001 “””

No problem with appetite here but my sister also has ppms has an appetite like a sparrow often eating a sandwich in two or three goes, me I eat one and look round for the next x Don