MS and Anorexia

Hi all,

I’m 24 and I have RRMS and anorexia nervosa, I was wondering if anyone else here does and how does it affect you? Or do you have someone close to you with it?

I’ve been told many times ‘you need to eat especially being ill’ and its not that simple, I cant say my health comes first when I starve myself frequently, im just wondering if anyone has been in recovery and stayed that way due to their ms diagnosis, or did anorexia make you worse? I honestly cant tell some days if its a relapse or i just feel shit from not eating much.

I don’t need the ‘just eat’ comments cos its not helpful and im not in a place where I want to recover right now (just an fyi i am a healthy weight right now due to weight gain from antidepressants) its more of a general wondering really, I’m looking after myself the best I can, I take plenty of vitamins, drink lots of water and when I do eat its mainly greens :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

hi try juicing. there are loads of recipes telling which vitamins and minerals are in it. i would imagine that your digestive system would cope better with drinking your nourishment than eating. really hope that whilst you manage your ms that you will eventually begin to eat. carole x

Thanks a lot, ill try that its a good idea:) liquid is a lot less scary than solids haha

Hi, yes, I have experience with anorexia. Are you being looked after by health professionals? Sorry if my enquiry is a tad direct, but it is important you are being supported, especially when dx with illnesses like MS. People that are telling you to eat, will not help your condition & can in fact make it worse by causing you more stress. You are obviously concerned yourself, hence my initial question. Good to hear that you are a healthy weight at the moment, albeit due to the anti depressants.