How do you 'feel'?

I am asking if MS makes you ‘feel’ ill?

Ill like you’ve just had flu ill? Funny flu-like skin ill? Goosy, icy head ill? Do you ‘know’ you are unwell during a relapse regardless of what symptoms you experience? How do you feel?



Yes, I feel ill all the time - sadly, not just during relapses. Although it used to be only during relapses.

I just feel achy and tired all the time. As if I’d overdone it in the gym, or was just going down with flu’, or just recovering from it.

I’ve never had “funny skin” (not with genuine flu’ either), nor “icy head” - not even totally sure what you mean by these, so I assume it’s’ cos I don’t get 'em! I think, before I knew I had MS, I did have episodes I now realise were relapses. And yes, I did feel ill, but usually in quite vague ways - mainly tiredness and quite non-specific aches and pains, so that I thought I had a bug or something.

It’s only in more recent times that there’s been anything obviously neurological at all, such as numbness or tingling. Which probably explains why I didn’t get diagnosed for so long. Tiredness and pains, by themselves, don’t particularly point to MS - or anything else sinister.

I had been told the pain was due to “wear and tear”.


Hi Anon,

I don’t know if my own symptoms add up to your own, but I tend to generally feel as if every action and even every thought within my head has taken a huge effort to produce. Each morning I am blessed with more energy than I had the previous evening, but the road ahead is steep and I know that by 11:00 I will be a spent force. Added to this I have an irritating fuzzyness between my ears and this added to the intense fatigue makes life a struggle as I usually have nausea.

I have to say though that either I just perceive things differently, but I never seem to have the “flu-like skin” or “goosy ice-head ill”. But the “just had flu ill” hangs around me most days. I don’t know if I am a very typical person with MS or not. There are probably even more types of symptom than there are sub species of the MonSter.

But either way I hope that you soon start to feel that bit better.



LL [quote=“Anonymous”]

I am asking if MS makes you ‘feel’ ill?

Ill like you’ve just had flu ill? Funny flu-like skin ill? Goosy, icy head ill? Do you ‘know’ you are unwell during a relapse regardless of what symptoms you experience? How do you feel?



I feel like being at sea ALL THE TIME…; one moment the sea is calm during which time I seem to be able to move around on the boat although slowly, the other moment I sense that a storm is building up and I start to become more restless. The intake of medication at regular times seems to keep that ‘restlessness’ at bay, although storms always seem to pick up when the little-boats-people return from their schools on the main land… I am relieved when those little-boats-people finally go for a rest in the evening because by then this person has become very tired… Do I feel ill? In my particular case I just feel ‘weakish’ and vulnerable, not to forget feeling frustrated at times! Sorry ‘Anonymous’, I ‘have’ SP which, as I understand it, differs from having the constant fear of relapses as seems to be the case with you?

I have spms, and i feel ill 99% of the time, if i feel like crap on a morning i sometimes pick up after lunch,and vice versa,

somedays are worse than others,but most days, i get vertigo, feel sick cant walk more than a few steps and i have to really pace myself in the house when doing jobs,

and i get a ‘period’ every couple of years where i feel really well, and i think to myself, i am not going to feel as bad as i did, again, it once lasted for nearly 4 months, and in that time, i drove, i walked, i shopped, i really made the most of it, BUT it all came crashing down with a severe relapse, and i was then in bed for months,i still get relapses even though i am spms,my relapses have just got worse over the years with hardly any remission now,but right from the start,even though i was classed as rrms, i felt unwell.

jaki xx

Hi, I don’t feel ill at all and very rarely am. I don’t lack the energy either just the ability to walk and balance but sit me down at a task and I feel I am on a level playing field with anyone else. Of course I have bad days but just in line, I think, with any “normal” person. Cheryl:)


I feel totally wiped all the time, physically mostly, thankfully I don’t seem to have the fuzzy head that others describe. However, in addition to dealing with this stupid disease, i have other things going on in my life - my idiot husband drank himself to death almost 2 years ago, he wasn’t insured so I had to move house to somewhere I wouldn’t normally choose to go, with all the repercussions of that, I’m finding things very difficult on my own, so it’s maybe not surprising that things are taking their toll on me. I just wish sometimes that all the worries could give me a break, just stop, even for an hour, so I can know what it’s like to feel normal again. But that’s not going to happen, is it?

Luisa x

Yes I usually feel ill and I think I know what you mean about the icy head,some times I feel as though my head is filled with ice water.Then I feel like I’m about to come down with flu or I’m getting over it and that’s on a good day.

Like Jaki I feel like carp in the mornings,might have a good couple of hours a day.

Also get fatigue and that brings achey limbs with it.I’m still classed as RR,take care,xxjo

OMG Luisa, that’s awful about your husband, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say!

Everybody is different but most of you do seem to feel carp (fab word!) a lot of the time. Good to know someone else recognises the icy head (not that I wish it on you of course, just making sure it’s part of ms). Everything seems to hurt, my head, ankles, shins, back, ribs. Its a bloody carp relapse I’m having. Am off work and no energy at all. Why can’t we just shake it off!

YES you describe it very well. I feel ill all of the time (I’m ppms). Feel like I’ve always got flu except no sneezing or sniffles. I even get low-level fever every evening. I NEVER feel well.

Exhausted, dizzy, achey, heavy, itchy, sweaty, painful, shivery, stingy, sore, chilly, blurry, exhausted, exhausted, exhausted

Pat x

Ah, now that sounds very familiar

Clare x

I always used to feel ill, but not sick. Not sure if that makes any sense whatsoever?! Basically, it was obvious that I had something wrong with me, but apart from fatigue(!!!), I didn’t ever feel sick. That changed last year when my digestive system got screwed up by MS & steroids. These days I feel sick most of the time: nauseous, achey, exhausted, weak,…

Half the prescriptions I get these days are for my stomach and its effects - gee, thanks MS

Karen x

I used to feel sick, but never was and the feeling would go away until the next day and I found it only happened when I woke up. The pills I take to protect my stomach have helped, the steroids help as I am on a maintenance dose daily ( getting fatter by the minute ). My legs always feel heavy and weak, my hands hurt, my chest hurts, my toes tingle but not so much since I have been on Keppra. My brain dosen’t work as quickly as it used to so to answer your question, feeling ill I suppose is what you would call it. Isn’t it great knowing you’re not on your own and can have a moan/grumble with someone who undestands?

I look forward to the day I feel normal again!!! Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Janet x

Hello, I have just been diagnosed SPMS and also have renal failure! I feel ill most of the time - chronically tired, achey and flu like, heavy legs, pathetic arms which have no strength at all, totally numb left hand (I even cut myslf yesterday and did not feel it!). I have tingles and ‘electric shock’ feelings, lots of headaches, horribly irritable and easily wound up!

Iam totally fed up of waking up tired each morning (even after a ‘good’ nights sleep), and any energy I do have deserts me after doing the smallest things!

MS is the pits! I want my old life back xx


I feel pretty lucky that I feel ok. I am usually tired but I’m up with my toddler at 5am every day so I reckon I’d be pretty tired anyway.

I’m so sorry that some of you feel ill all the time, its just not fair.