this heat!!

Omg its unbearable, many others suffering with their symptoms in this heat?xx

I am in a darkened room with a fan, if that answers your question!

I am in a shaded room, cooling neck scarf permanently being refreshed, fan on and very little clothing on… I feel absolutely dreadful…symptoms in overdrive…can barely even stagger, can’t function at all… BRING ON THE AUTUMN PLEEEEEEEZ

At work today during a relapse with a broken air con unit. Triffic Neil

A few years ago I used to suffer really badly in the heat but since starting avonax I barely notice the heat. Odd but true. None of the old problems have reared there ugly head for which I am truely thankfull.

i’m the opposite, thrive in the heat! i feel great. It’s odd how the heat affects us differently, i really struggle when it’s cold!!!

i’m like a little flower that has wilted!

You should all come and live on the east coast. Sunday WAS unbearably hot and humid but ever since we have had a lovely cool breeze and it’s just perfect.

Oddly enough I suffered really badly in the heat for the first few years after dx and this year it hasn’t seemed so bad. I know the weather hasn’t been as hot as previous years (well, not here anyway) but maybe that part of my brain is recovering? Or is this just wishful thinking? Even on Sunday, I did still manage to function whereas previously I would have been totally floored with fatigue just trying to cross the room!


My dad and daughter took me to A&E last night - I had the headache from hell which wouldn’t go, then at 9pm it was like someone had turned my body temperature control up to uber max!!! I was in such a state, even a cold shower wouldn’t drop my temperature down, resulting in balance issues and panic attack!!!

They were really good at the hospital, even though they couldn’t really help me. The MS nurse told me to monitor it and to let her know if the symptoms get worse, so I’ve done absolutely nothing today except lay on the sofa with a fan blowing in my face and drinking lots of squash!!!

Really hope it’s just the heat doing this and not the start of a relapse. Last year my first relapse began with chronic, almost like tennis elbow, pain in my right elbow - 2 months later I developed balance issues, double vision, slurred speech (the usual MS symptoms) that lasted for 4 months!!!

Hope the rain and snow comes soon - might have to book a holiday to Iceland or somewhere freezing hahahaha!!!

Take care

Pen xx

YES!!! One of my main symptoms is pins & needles/tingling in my hands & fingers and in this heat, the tingling is 10 times worse. Plus, my hands hurt and feel swollen. Also, my legs feel really heavy and walking/getting around is worse than normal. Hate to say it, but I wish it would cool down a bit!!!

Haven’t posted in a while but am suffering with heat related symptoms too so came to the forum to say hi. I, maybe stupidly, agreed to come to Croatia for a week with my girlfriend. It’s about 30 degrees out here and it’s driving me nuts. It’s not that my physical issues are that much worse, but my stress and depression levels are way out of control. I’ve totally ruined this holiday for the both of us by day two… :frowning: It was supposed to be a nice break from my new job but I feel worse here doing absolutely nothing!! Crazy… And also this break was going to be good for us as we’ve not been getting on that well recently. The irony now is that I feel this may be the last holiday we have together it’s that bad :frowning: It’s not just stress and feeling down, but when I overheat I get really confused about the simplest of things. Nothing makes sense and its so hard to explain to her. We’ve booked a whole day out to Venice on Saturday and I’m absolutely dreading it. I just wanna come home and sit with my head in the fridge!! Hope others are doing better with the heat at home!! Stay safe ! Keith

Hi every one.

It’s hot here too . but better than yours i think since it has always been hot!! and it’s common to use air conditioners.

how about some foods that will drop bodies temperature? there are some foods we call hot and cold. well i am not good with the subject but i personally like to eat watermelon and cucumber-yogurt(cut or Grate the cucumber to small pieces and add Yogurt and a little salt-not much salt since it will make you thirsty- you can also add Dried mint).it helps me cool down ~_~ also lemonade …

i have heard that watermelon will drop body’s temperature while melon will increase it .

Thought maybe these work for you too…

i wish you find ways to overcome hot summer soon~

Gosh, Rosa, I hadn’t even thought about it like that !! But you are absolutely right…when I’m in Greece, which is my second home, we eat copious amounts of Watermelon and tzatziki, which is the yogurt and cucumber dip you describe. This two things come with just about every meal and Greek yoghurt with honey is a staple anytime of day. And yet we rarely, if ever eat these in the UK…I’m off to the supermarket tomorrow. Thanks Rosa…brilliant Xx

The heat is unbearable, really aggregates my symptoms, I am getting watermelon tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

~_~ your welcome .i wish it helps .but don’t eat too much (at least until you get sure it doesn’t have bad effect on you. i myself have no problem but it’s not same for different people)


Yes I suffer in the heat too! I got myself a ‘Chillow’ from e-bay or amazon a few years ago and it’s great (still works). You put water in it to activate it at it stays cool all the time. I have mine inside my pillow case at night to sleep on and just put it behind my back in the day and it really does help. When I dig it out every year, I have to top the water up a bit (you weigh it) and it comes back to life, you never empty the water out though. Though this year it’s not as cold as others, so maybe it’s time for a new one.



The east coast is due for another heat wave this weekend so I’m going to get myself some watermelon and cucumber. I already have a large pot of yoghurt. Such a good idea, Rosa

My Rebif delivery came today and the driver asked me what I had done with the sun! I told him it had been like this all week - just 13 degrees here today. He said it was 32 in London on Monday! This is perfect weather for me. I am happy trotting about in summer skirts and T shirts while people complain about it being a bit chilly …

Tracey x

Hi Rosa I have adapted Greek food into Popsicles !! I blended seeded watermelon with 0% fat Greek yoghurt and a bit of honey and poured into lolly moulds. They are in the freezer for later…smells and looks yummy !! Xx

Oooh, they sound good Catherine. The ultimate cooling food

Tracey x

That settles it I’m getting a watermelon!! And some lolly moulds!!

Great tip Rosa, Great idea MrsH and so much healthier than the ice cream I’ve been eating like it’s going out of fashion!

Take care