weight problem

hi everyone i need some the past two years i,ve put on two stone in weight.mainly due to the drugs i,m on .they just keep piling the weight on.getting desperate to loose the weight as i can,t risk it getting any bigger or what little mobility i have now will soon go.tried everything calorie count ,slim fast,fruit diet now i only eat a 40g bowl of bran flakes with sultanas at breakfast and same again at lunch tea is usually scrambled or poached egg on toast or a peice of fish.don,t eat meat any more either.can,t loose the weight short of stopping taking the cocktail of meds i don,t know what else to do.tried to do some exercise as much as this old body will let me ,can,t swim and really wouldn,t feel comfortable going to learn.anyone got any ideas please.

take care all of you !!!

I too have a weight increase.  I hate all this fat around my middle and my boobs are growing larger as we speak.  Im sure it is the pills as Ive not changed my diet since I began taking them again (amytryptiline).  I too am cutting down - skimmed or semi skimmed milk, not snacks, lots of veg and fruit.  Yet nothing seems to be coming off me either.  Got a shock when I had my body MOT at gp's yesterday and I was nearly 11stone!


Seems we are supposed to either move more, exercise, or cut down on the grub and eat smaller portions.  I too am fed up because I didnt ask for ms, weight gain, nor osteo, yet Im stuck waddling with the extra weight and hate my body now.


If someone has the magic bullet please let us know.  By the way I did stop taking my meds, then suffered as a consequence.  Neuro said to go back onto them, they help tremendously, so weight/no pain or no weight/lots of pain?


Take care, you are not alone,



Me too! I must have put on a stone in the past year! I'm also on Amytriptiline.  I have started swimming, which will help hopefully, but its only once a week. Ive stopped having sugar in my tea as well!

What sort of exercise can we do when we have limited mobility?


I have decided to embrace my fat as the injections don't hurt in the flabby bits.


Hi, I try to follow the Weightwatchers plan as like you I struggle to lose weight. I find that by eating to their points system I am at least not putting on more weight and keeping stable despite new medications. I would dearly love to lose at least two stone but as I can no longer walk far and do everything else at a much slower pace than I used to I am struggling badly. Like Bren I find a lot of my “new” weight has magically appeared on my boobs and tummy. I"ve never had to buy such large bras!

My doctor tells me to exercise more (!!) but can’t give me the recipe for magic energy beans, lol .

Take care, Lilbill x

The weight issue is a terrible burden and it’s so demoralising and depressing when everything you do has no effect. I need to lose three stone , I exercise daily, either walk or swim, eat healthily and have joined slimming world as well as local gym. I have had bad problems with anxiety and low self esteem, time passes quickly and all I’ve achieved is not to put any more weight on. I decided that should be classed as an achievement and to keep on with my exercise and diet if only to prevent further weight gain. Guess what! It’s starting to come off VERY slowly but I feel so much better about myself and motivated to go on. Started to accept my body is now different and focus on feeling good rather than what I weigh. CBT for my anxiety helped tremendously and I can now look forward into a new but different appearance in life rather than keep grieving and trying to regain exactly how I was before. Afterall, bodies do change with age as well! Try to carry on with what’s right for you, whether the diet n exercise makes u lighter or not, if it makes you FEEL better, settle for that for now. Good luck xx


the weight gain is so hard isn't it.  I try to think that it doesn't matter but havinig put on 2.5 stone in five years i am kidding myself really.  my husband is lovely and tells me that it doesn't notice i have gone up 3 dress sizes!! probably too scared to tell me the truth. anyway i feel hot all the time and know losing weight will help but i just don't seem to find the motivation to lose it.i too have tried everything. i know that food is fuel but if i worked out what i used up in a day i would not eat anything.


Lisa happyflower

p.s just eaten half a toffee pavlova - oh dear!!!

Hi, I`m on the Slimming World plan and it is the easiest and best diet i`ve ever tried. And believe me, I`ve been on many!

I joined a local class but couldn`t be weighed, due to mobility problems. The consultant was so apologetic and almost in tears for me. she refunded my fees, but accepts me in class as i go with my sis and carer. They are both members of the class.

After 6 weeks, i reckon i`ve lost a stone, as i have gone down a dress size already!

Give it a try, eh?

luv Pollx