Putting on weight

Hey Guys,

I’d like to draw on the wealth of wisdom & experience on the Forum and ask for a helping hand.

I’m getting bigger. It seems to me that one or two of my meds is making me gain weight. I’ve put on 7 lbs this month alone. My abdomen is stretched tight as a drum & I’m constipated in spite of taking note of the continence nurse. And it’s getting uncomfortable. For the first time in my life I can’t reach my toes because my belly’s in the way. I could look up what’s on the internet but I’d value your advice more.


Sorry Anthony. I’m fat too. And have a cake addicted husband so any chance of slimming down is seemingly beyond my capabilities. Plus whenever I suggest not having a glass of wine tonight, the idea is pooh poohed. Although 7lb in a month seems a lot. Are you sure your bones haven’t just got heavier? Or maybe you forgot to empty your pockets (plus remove all clothes and jewellery including wedding ring)??



Hi albrecht,

Putting on weight seems to be an unfortunate consequence of MS ( which is of itself unfortunate!), and I don’t know of many sufferers, myself included, who have not gone down that road. Whilst I cant speak for the experiences of others, I can tell you how its affected me.

Like you I am on a number of drugs that have caused weight gain and batches of steroids down the years haven’t helped. If you find those drugs helpful in managing your condition then the benefits outweigh the consequences, but things can be done to mitigate the effects.

I find weight gain is due to a combination of a lack of ability to exercise, overeating and constipation.If you cant exercise the other two problems have to be .

​With regard to diet, I’ve recently discovered that I suffer from Hashimoto’s Disease ( my thyroid is seriously under active as a result, leading to feelings of sloth, and a ravenous appetite), and familial hypercholesterolaemia, so I’ve seriously amended my diet, cutting out red meat completely, eating more fish, chicken fruit vegetables nuts and pulses. I’ve cut out sugary drinks and swapped it for bottled water, and limit my caffeine fix to two cups of coffee a day ( no caffeine after 5 helps me sleep much better!) I also try not to snack between meals and if I must, its on fruit, not on biscuits or cake or sandwiches. I certainly no longer eat Pizza, Chinese, Indian or anything from Burger King or McDonalds. As a result, I’ve lost over a stone in weight, and am determined to carry on. I’d suggest you take a look at the Mediterranean diet or a diet for ms - perhaps they will be able to help.I’d also ask for a thyroid and lipid check from your doctor, if you haven’t already done so - you may be surprised!

With regard to constipation, I’m on a drug called lubiprostone, which is designed to tackle what doctors euphemistically term ‘slow transit’ bowel action; there are a couple of caveats to its prescription one being that at least two different types of laxatives must have failed to be effective; its also more effective in women, but its worth asking about. I find it very effective, and I’m far less bloated tired and uncomfortable as a consequence.

Have you talked with your continence nurse about peristeen or quofora? These are very effective bowel irrigation systems that might help ; they are a bit fiddly to use at the start, but well worth the perisitence.

Hope this helps!

M x


I see.

Can I come over for tea then? We can discuss bone density over of a glass of Battenberg and a slice of Beaujolais. (Ah, I think I’ve just seen where I’ve been going wrong.)



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Dear Minxie,

Thank you for your most fulsome answer. Unfortunately i can’t understand most of it. The only bit that stood out was " no longer" and “Pizza” but that just doesn’t make any sense at all.

I’d happily take a gander at the Mediterranean diet but only if I could move there. The last time I asked for professional advice I was given dromedaries but they kept blowing out every time I farted.

I’m going to try something with a stapler and masking tape. I saw it in a cartoon once and I think I can pull it off.




Hi Anthony

Cant take the (retired) nurse out of the woman unfortunately!

Cling film may work better than masking tape though. Just a thought.



I’ve written this elsewhere. If the topic comes up (and often, when it doesn’t) I tell people that my Mum was in the medical profession.

I’m invariably asked, “A doctor?”

I say, "Oooh no. Someone much more important. She was a Nurse.


Hi Jackie, I see you’re still as loopy as ever.

love, Anthony

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Only after dark, by the lamp post near the municipal tip.

Not tonight Jacqueline.

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That’s where the stapler and masking tape come in handy.

And, if we get one more interested we could form a coven.



i’ll join the coven!

i was born on 31st october after all.

i’ve put weight on although my BMI is low due to me being tall.

it’s just the unsightly overhang draping over my waistband.

constipation has been a problem but i’d just got into daily movements when i cracked my ribs.

it’s so painful to push.

i asked my chemist and she recommended lactulose and a suppository if that failed.

fortunately lactulose did the job.

if all else fails i could do a spell.

carole x

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If you’ve got a spell for constipation that doesn’t involve bits of newt and the blood of a badger you’re a shoe-in.

Now then. We’ll need a corporate identity, starting with a logo, a mission statement, a secret password and set up an offshore account. We’ll collect funds, run them through the Cayman Islands, transfer to the Columbian peso (or whatever they use), back again through a Waybaloo hedge fund then we pick it up as director’s dividends. Have either of you got any banking experience?


Jackie, really! Under control? (snort, chortle, hic)

I love “Coven Club”; it’s got that 60’s vibe.

You two keep the campaign going, I’m going to get stoned for the weekend.

Peace & love.


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Yayyyyyy I’m in too!

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We’re going to have to get a bigger phone box.


Hi all, I went to my GP two weeks ago and said that my Gabapentin was making me fat. He said, “No Pam, you are making you fat!.” Oh well thanks for that then.

Anyway, we agreed emergency measures were needed immediately so as not to add to any winter problems such as weight gain etc and all the other difficulties. So I have restricted food quite dramatically since then and tried although not very successfully to increase what I do in the day. If I want some bread I go and buy one bap. Each day (I have a corner shop), I fetch what I eat and nothing more. Drastic measures have proved useful, it is working even though I am starving in th e middle of the night but I can put up with that. It is a hard balance but I am determined but a bit sick of carrots.

Good luck anyone who goes through this. When you are not as mobile as you used to be, it is really hard.


How are you getting to this corner shop?

walking or riding or hobbling?

just think of the calories burnt during each trip!


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this thread`s got nuttier and nuttier…hang on…nuts are full of protein as well as fat!

So if we suck them and spit them out, will that be ok?


aka VERY roly poly Polly


That sounds about a hairbreadth away from bulimic Poll. A bit like, if I just lick all the chocolate off my chocolate biscuit but throw the biscuit part away, that will have less calories than just eating the whole choccy bickie!!!



not such a bad idea…as long as we get our choc fix!


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