Unintended weight loss


I wondered if anyone out there has suffered weight loss as a result of MS?

I’m recently diagnosed, but in my first visits to the doctors about a year ago I was mostly worried about fatigue and rapid weight loss. The wobbly legs were there but I ddn’t think much about them.

Since last year this time, I reckon I’ve lost well over 2 stones. I’m now 12.5 stones, which for a 6’2" bloke is a bit skinny. I don’t really want to lose any more, not least because I don’t want to have to buy new trousers again :slight_smile:

All the stuff I’ve read doesn’t mention weight loss as associated with MS. Should I be worried that something else is going on? I do know that part of the reason is my appetite isn’t what it was. Should I just stop worrying and force a Snickers down my nexk every couple of hours?

Many thanks


Hi Dave, any unexplained weight loss should be checked out. Are you having any problems with swallowing. Perhaps this could be a reason for not wanting to eat quite as much as you did before, eh?

Most folk with MS say that have gained weight due to being less active.

I would see your GP about it.

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Hi Dave - sounds like you are loosing weight as you aren’t eating enough. Do you know what your body mass index is? It is weight in kg divided by height in metres squared. There will be sites on the web with charts where you can work it out more easily. If its 19 or below you are underweight. You probably need to start increasing your kcal intake. Perhaps switching to full fat milk, yes eat chocolate. Other things which are loaded with kcals are the little rollo or milky bar deserts at around 180 kcals. Cheeses is another good one for weight gain nuts too. Hope this helps Hugs Min xx

About three years ago, over a nine month period, I dropped from 11 stone to 8 stone 3 lbs. I’m primary progressive, so it’s not supposed to be a relapse. Don’t know the reason, although I think it may have been depression related. Nothing physical was found despite a full body scan.
Anyway, my wife ‘forced’ me to eat - cooked breakfasts and made a big effort cooking, so I would be embarrassed to refuse meals!
Any way, I’m now back to11 stone and generally feel well.
So, sometimes there’s no apparent reason.


I lost 3 stone a few years ago due to a bad relpase, i just didnt want to eat at all, i forced a slice of toast down and cereal each day, just to survive,i went from just under 10 stone to just under 7 stone,and had to wear kids clothes aged 15,i was a lot more mobile then though, so the weight just dropped off, nowdays i have the opposite problem i pile weight on, even though i dont eat that much,i cant believe i used to worry about being too thin,just make sure you try eat little and often and drink plenty of fluids.

I often lose weight when relapsing and at 8 stone wet through and 5ft6 to start with tends to quickly turn me into a lolly pop head. I get too fatigued to eat properly, will cook dinner but cant’ face eating it etc. I think I need to employ my own personal chef!

Being too thin is not good you can get sick. If you really can’t eat more food go see your GP. They might prescribe you lovely supplement drinks a bit like complan. If you don’t like milk then there are fruit juice ones or my personal favourite are the yoghurt ones. You could also ask to be referred to a dietitian. Hugs Min xx

If you have difficulty in walking why carry an extra two stone around with you.

I can’t see a problem with your weight, but filling up with saturated fat and sugar is definitely not good for general health.

Hi Dave

Just before and during dx I dropped over 2 stone,went from a 36 inch waist to a 30 and looked like I was terminal ! I think it was due to having no idea what was going on with my body(continuous relapses over 3 months)becoming a dad for the first time(little boy had major probs when born) and all the usual work crap led to total lack of appetite like yourself. I was referred to a dietician who gave me loads of weight gain drinks and shakes and monitered me for a couple of months and eventually the weight came back. Stress is a real appetite killer but once you get your head around all this MS crap your appetite will return( I’m heavier now than I have ever been) Have a chat with your ms nurse or gp. Just an after thought,your loss of appetite may mean you could be a little depressed,it manifests ityself in the most bizzare ways.


Hi, I lost a lot of weight quickly when i was off work ill for 6 weeks. I knew id lost weight but didnt realise how much until i returned to work only to find my work clothes looked riduculous on me and everyone commented on my weight loss in work. I prob used to be 11 and a half and went down to 9 and a half. I cant be sure in what space of time as i dont have scales but i certainly lost a lot in those 6 weeks. Ive never really figured out whether it was the fact i wasnt feeling well or side effect of medication (modafinil) Hope you get it sorted, H