Weight Gain ... HELP...

Hello chaps hope that you are all ok ? I have steadily been gaining weight over the last 12 months. I have gone from 10 stone to 11 stone. I have tried W.W and S.W both been unsuccessful. I lose a few lbs but then it stops. Ive become very disheartened. I take Amitripline and also Zopiclone and I also had a hysterectomy 2 years ago. I have cut my HRT down but I need my meds to help me sleep. Has anyone got any ideas ? I have been to the doctor but he didnt seem that interested. HELP… :frowning: .

It’s the drugs and lack of mobility, I have gone from 9st to 11+, in 3 years and I hate it, coming off the drugs is not an option. I woke up with a body suit on BUT I woke up!! Curves are sexy apparently. Take care, M

Hi, I have also put 2 stone on, going from a size 10/12 to nudging a size 16. When my size 14 were getting tight I had to do something…I did try reducing my tablets, which was hard, but eventually I managed to cut amitryptiline from 50mg to 40mg, and pregabalin by 50mg from 100mg to 50mg in the daytime, although I still take 250mg at night. I also started Slim fast. I really stuck to it for 3 weeks, and now I am doing it most of the time, but am not drinking as much water it says, and am having a normal evening meal with my family. Adapting it to suit me is working, and I have lost half a stone in a month. I hope I lose another stone as easily. I am also really pushing my physio exercises, but I can’t overdo it or I will pay for it.!

I too have gained weight going from size 12 to pushing size 16 so something had to be done. :x I was on Amitriptyline but only 10mg at night so not really sure if that was the cause, but lack of exercise is probably also too blame. I stopped the tablets and I have joined Slimming World and found it to be great so far - I’ve lost 9 lb in 5 weeks. One week I only lost a disappointing 1/2 lb :cry: , but I persevered and lost 2 1/2 lb the next week. I’m staying off the tablets for now, my symptoms are manageable at the moment, but when I get to a sensible weight, if I need them I’ll start them again and just watch the weight. I guess it’s a balancing act of being happy in yourself and needing the meds to control the symptoms.

I should also have mentioned that I too have tried other diets - slimfast and celebrity slim, but they are meal replacements and didn’t work, but if you do lose weight with them you tend to put it back on when eating normal food again. Weight Watchers limit your intake so you get used to different portion sizes - I found that I had to eat so little I was always hungry and the weight loss stopped. Slimming world is the only one I’ve found that actually teaches you about the right foods to eat. We’ll see! It maybe worth you giving it another go.

I had gained weight too as my mobility has decreased and my sore feet and legs have hindered me from making proper meals ending up ordering rubbish take away. So I have embarked on eating one good, wholesome meal a day (legs permitting) and am making fresh soup 2 or 3 times a week for luch time So far I have lost some weight… I don’t do scales I measure my weight loss by how my clothes fit, I’ve gone down approx 1 size in about 6 weeks This method suits me. It’s carrot and coriander soup today and wheaten bread V

Hi, I’m new to the MS game (initially diagnosed in May) and am thankfully able to keep active. I’ve tried dieting several times, but I become a bit too obsessed so decided to get an exercise bike. I’ve gone from being very lazy to being able to cycle 20k in one “sitting” in approx 10 weeks. I haven’t noticed any difference bar a few pounds on the scales. But I am told I am noticeably slimmer. I’ve found a new passion for exercising and I love how it’s making me feel. A cliche I know. I’m attempting to build up how often I do 20k. In the last week I have cycled 70k, three lots of 20 and one 10 (I was feeling a bit rough that day :slight_smile: ) between Sunday and yesterday. I know that this is not viable for everyone. The one thing I have going for me is I’m 25 and still able :slight_smile: Suz. P.s I don’t take any meds apart from Rebif now ( because they made me fat in the first place) I’m coping without them.

Wow, I’ve just re-read that^^^^ I didn’t mean I’m coping without them so you should to. I meant I’m not taking them because my pain is obv. No where near as severe as yours :slight_smile: so sorry, didn’t mean it how it prob comes across :slight_smile: Suz xx