weight gain and depressed, fed up!

Hi everyone, I am having another moan. I had a bad fall at the end of July and ended up in hospital for nealy 7 weeks. The hospital food was great and because I was totally immobile the weight piled on very quickly. Also when I was transferred to a rehab/respite hospital I was in a single room with an ensuite. That sounds great at first, but when I had been there 3 weeks I was going mad with boredom. There were only 12 patients in total, and the only real contact we had was mealtimes. I ended up very down, crying all the time and was comfort eating. The hospital wanted to keep me there for another 2 weeks but I couldn’t stand it anymore so I signed myself out. When I spoke to my GP a few days later she told me to double my mirtazipine to 30mg. Now I am feeling a lot brighter,and am really trying to lose the weight I put on but am finding it hard. I don’t think I can cut down any of my increasing list of tablets yet, does anyone have any idea how long I may have to be on the higher antidepressant dose? I am slowly now starting to have a bit more confidence in walking by myself and am starting physio on Tuesday,so am hoping this might help my weight loss!

I know I am rattling on here, just really getting this off my chest

Lynne x

Hi Lyn I totally feel for you, I was immobile for a few months and food became one of my few pleasures, and when you bear in mind how active we are normally we probably need to eat almost nothing to prevent weight gain to counteract immobility.

Anyway I really think you need to cut yourself some slack here. Its taken me months to get stronger and after a few months I managed to join SLimming World. However I dont always manage to go to the club as I have had some health setbacks on the way. So although I’ve lost around half a stone, it has taken much longer than I expected.

Your body has been through a trendous shock and eventually you will lose the weight. Please don’t beat yourself up for gaiing weight … I did exactly the same and gaining back your health and strength is the most important thing.

Be kind to yourself and I hope you feel better soon

Love Gillian

Hi Lynne,

You’ve had a rough time lately so it’s understandable that you have been comfort eating. Don’t beat yourself up over this as at some time or other we all do it. Once you are back to your usual self and doing all what you used to do and stop eating those comfort foods and hopefully come off the antidepression pills the weight will just drop off you. As Gillian suggested join slimming world or something similar, it should inspire you more. Wishing you luck, take care and hope you feel better very soon.



Hi, I reckon anyone would succumb to comfort eating if they were laid up like you were.

Glad to hear you`re feeling brighter …good for you.

Weighloss wise…I am a full time wheelie and am prone to weight gain…especially when tucking into my hubby`s home made pies and cakes!

In May I joined Slimming World and can honestly say that I have neber been on a diet plan that is soooo easy to follow.

Muller lite yogs are my saviours.

I reckon I`ve lost about 2 stones now. I am unable to get weighed, but my clothes size has dropped form 22/24 to 18. I feel great!

If you dont fancy going to a class, you can join on line.

Hope this helps.

luv Pollx

Well done Poll I’m also a slimming world member and lost 2 1/2 stone and have been at target for 6 years now, the plan is very good and you can eat loads, I myself do extra easy and it is as it says extra easy. Lynee if you need any help I would be happy to try.