weight miserey

hi everyone i will apologise right away because i sure this message will be miserable ,but i need to talk and theres no one else that will understand .i ,ve trying to loose weight for a long time but my weight keeps steadily increasing.with the weight comes even more problems with mobility and pain.tried all the diets no use spoken to my gp who,s great,she told me that its the medication i take so no help there i started on yet another diet my husband joined in too .he eats 1200 calories aday i eat between 500 and he got weighed not that he needed to he,s lost over a stone now my turn guess what i,ve put over half a stone on.i break down in tears had enough too much pain too much weight can,t move around no point any more.told my husband not leaving house anymore fed up with looks people give when they see how i get can see them thinking fat lump go on a if i don,t go out in public i won,t get hurt anymore.want to stop my medication too.i just want to crawl away and be alone .can,t stop crying i just want everything to go away.sorry about all this but i just needed to talk to someone

I can totally understand what you’re saying, I too struggle with this. I eat reasonably well but cannot shift any weight. I understand just how miserable this can make you feel and you have my deepest sympathy. I look at all of my friends and what they eat (which I know is the wrong thing to do) and they seem to eat anything, are not much more active than me yet they’re nothing like me. I’ve been to my doctor about it and it really serves to depress me that indeed I ‘can’ lose weight but I have to forego every single eating ‘comfort’ that I have. It’s just not fair. Something that helped me to take a little control is to keep a food diary. I found that this helped not so much for the foods I was eating but I felt it helped me take back some control over something that I have very little control of. I hope that makes sense; I got myself in a downwards spiral of not caring about myself and not socialising. Even now I don’t feel like being amongst people much but I am taking medication to help me with that but more importantly am more aware of what I am putting into my body and that serves to make me feel a little better about making small changes for the better and to see that I am doing what I can, given my own personal circumstances.

I would however advise that you eat somewhat more than you are already - 700cals a day is dangerously low and will be reducing your metablic rate to an almost inactive state which will not be helping you at all (nor your current state of mind). I actually found that I did lose weight when I cut out all snacks, ate 3 meals a day (breakfast being the most important - just a small bowl of cereal), had a larger lunch and a smaller dinner no later than 6pm. I cut out any food after my 3rd meal and made sure that I didn’t eat anything after 7.00pm also making sure that my portion sizes were smaller. I hope this helps; think little and often, try not to starve yourself then through hunger eat too much on one meal a day.

Please feel free to add my as a buddy if you need to talk about this …again… ever. You are not alone, none of us are, and life with the disease can be hard enough without all the other complications it brings.

Take care,

Steve. xx


I just want to let you know that you are not alone.I also have a weight problem you did not say what meds you are on but i know through my own experience that as soon as i started on Gabapentin the weight started to go on at the time i was not told that it was a side affect of the med.I am also trying still to get used to the idea of being heavier but i am getting there i know that my husband and other people round about me love me for who i am and i am sure you will be the same.if you want to talk send me a pm anytime.


Hi, I would like to be able to pm you. I also battle with weight, but last year I managed to lose 2 stone.

I dont want to go on too much about how I did it openly, incase i bore folk!

If you pm me, I will reply asap. We could become diet buddies if you like.

Please dont feel you should stop going out…those cruel looks and comments from people are not worth your thinking time.

Also eating so few calories is not healthy…if we dont eat enough, our bodies go into starvation mode and hang on to our reserves.

Look forward to hearing from you. I`ll be gentle with you!

luv Pollx

Aww, i empathise with your struggle to loose weight. My weight has always been a problem, mainly because I’m only 4ft 8 tall, which means that my weight will NEVER be right for my height (or lack of it) I have been trying really hard to loose weight for years, but it just gets harder as my mobillity gets worse. However, lately have discovered something that really helps, Fennel Tea! It works by speeding up your metabolic rate, but you have to drink 6 cups per day. Since I started doing this in october, I have lost 1st 10lbs. Don’t let the taste put you off, you will get used to it, I really like it now. Give it a try, hope this helps, love Bex xxx


I really feel for you and send you hugs.

I put on loads of weight after a long course of Gabapentin and steroids. Tried counted calories but I was always starving so someone toild me about the eating whenever I was hungry but it must be low fat. Preferably 5gm of fat per 100gm. I could eat lots but it was all low fat. I have lost 3 and a half stone in 18 months but the majority came off during the first year. I am not classing it as a diet just a change of eating habits.

Hope this helps and try not to get down about it. It is hard to lose weight when your mobility is restricted.


Shazzie xxxx

Hi, wow! Congrats on the fantastic weight loss. It is harder for us, but you`ve done so well.

luv Pollx

Hi I have just started on Gabapentin Feb and on my second month only on a low mg. I am 4ft 8 and have put on 1.5stone since 2011 so I hope I don’t put on any more weight. I to find it difficult to eat a lot during the day, and I drink decaf tea and water tend to eat main meal between 4.30 and 5.00pm . The physio gave me excersizes for my legs and arms but find some days hard to do when I can’t move my legs, after 6.00pm I can hardly get up and walk because I have no strength. Good luck EileenD

Hi Anon, I’ve also put on weight due to bad mobility and med’s… Amitriptyline. I really try to keep the pounds of and stay on a ‘no snacks no sweets’ diet most of the time… I do give into chocolate sometimes but try to limit it to only once a week.

It’s SO difficult when you cannot get about. I have noticed since my mobility got so bad that other people on mob scooters and wheelchairs are very often overweight too. And no wonder… exercise is an important part of weight loss and if you can hardly walk you’re hardly going to use up calories!!

So hon you are certainly not on your own with this problem.

I’ve started on high dose Vitamin D3 recently… and reading about it on web I see that there are reports that it’s linked to weight loss.

Anyone on here taking the high dose (5,000 iu a day) Vit D3 noticed weight loss???

Pat x

hi there, I know how hard it is when you’re overweight. I’m nearly 50 and I would say I’ve been overweight for the last 15 years. I decided to go to the gym in 2010 and I was really pleased as I lost nearly 2 stone and toned myself up but then got bleedin ms and my energy levels just went downhill. I actually put on half a stone in 5 weeks whilst on Gabapentin so gp put me on Amitryptyline instead as he said that wasn’t so bad at the weight gain. I was only taking 20mg though. I understand how you feel inside as I now wear black nearly all the time and I sometimes wear the most dowdiest of things because I don’t want anyone to notice me at all if I go out. I’d like to be invisible sometimes. May I say though, 500-700 calories is a totally wrong amount of calorie intake. In fact your body will hang on to any weight at this level as it goes into panic mode because it knows that you’re trying to starve it. You also need to be eating at least 1500 calories. Is there any chance at all that you could decrease the amount of meds you are taking? Even by a few mg. Is there a particular food that you love to eat but you know it is probably a major contribution to any weight gain ? With me it’s bread, I eat brown bread and I absolutely love toast and I know that if I cut down on that it will help. ( i can eat 8 slices a day sometimes !!! ) I bought myself a really old motorised treadmill from gumtree, it was only 150.00 and it’s about 14 years old but it still works ok and it takes up to 23 stone in weight so it’s pretty sturdy. I force myself to get on it and even though I can’t jog anymore I can walk a bit even for 10 minutes. I still find losing weight extremely hard work and it does get depressing at times. You are not alone. I’ve got an evening do at a wedding coming up and i am dreading it because I will see people whom I haven’t seen for a while and i’m so worried about how i look as I’m so much heavier than when i last saw them. I am going to have another go at cutting right down on my bread intake and also creamy yoghurts ( another thing I love ). That helped me last time lose a bit of weight… please try not to stop going out altogether…yes there will always be cruel thoughtless people about but most sensible people ( this is what i tell myself when i’ve got my sensible head on ) won’t even give you a second thought or glance as they are probably much too busy worrying about their own lives and problems.

To be honest it hasn’t been that dfifficult because I jusr bought lots of low fat stuff that I like like chicken, tuna, salad, pasta and ate this whenever I was hungry. In fact, I am sure I am eating more than I was before but just the right stuff.

I wish I had heard about this years ago then I wouldn’t have put on so much weight in the beginning. Mind you it is hard fir me to walk past a pasty shop when I am on hols in Devon. Heheheh!!

Shazzie xx

i do feal for you annon.

ive bein overweight most of my life and its not nice. got into some bad eating habbits and put more and more weight on over the years. was put on meds too which didnt help at all. i was embarresd by the way i looked and still am to be honest. i was morbidly obese(and still am to be truthfull) 25 stone at my biggest

i have lost 4 stone over the last 18 month but it has being a real struggle to do it. i dont eat breakfast at all and have cut bread out allmost totally, as a found bread was a big downfall of mine. i eat alot of steamed fish and veg which i really like. its working but i do know i have a long long way to go.

please dont give up.