Weight problem

Hi everyone, am new to this and have spent ages looking through all the recent posts, there’s so much great support out there. Does anyone have any tips for weight loss, i need to lose about two stone and am not very active at present. I try to eat as little as possible and exercise as much as possible but my fatigue and discomfort is still bad just now. Its making me feel depressed and hopeless.

I’m also on a diet cause I have put 2 stone on since xmas last year and I have had enough now.

I only put the weight on cause of gabapentin, am now taking 1,300 3 times a day.

At the moment I am watching what I eat and also got told to eat when you are hungry as well as long as its healthy.

I still give myself treats every once in a while.

Allie x

I had the same problem when I stopped being so active and started on gabapentin. I have lost that weight and some more

I do as much exercise as I can, mostly pilates (most exercises can be done sitting or lying down) and swimming. Also I don’t eat gluten, sugar or dairy so can’t have many “bad foods” I do allowe myself treats so its not like I can never have things again, I just really enjoy them once in a while. I have never been good at diets in the past, or just having one biscuit, would have to be 3 or 4 so it suits me better to have none, no temptation!

Hi, yes agree awful problem as we are inactive and on med’s. I put on over a stone on Gabapentin. I came off it a few months back and didn’t lose the stone. I’m now about to go on Pragabalin which also piles on the pounds.

Although I’m not losing any weight I have managed to stay at same weight for a while. I call it the ‘no desserts’ diet. (I always get spelling of ‘dessert’ and ‘desert’ mixed up!!! I’m talking here about sweets and not large dry areas of sand!!!).

I love my food and find it really hard to cut down, but I do try and eat low-fat and manage that most days. But I don’t eat any sweets. No biscuits. No cakes. And I allow myself one treat at weekend so that I don’t go stark staring mad.

I think it’s really really really hard to lost weight for anyone but particularly hard when you have MS (or any condition that has fatigue and mobility problems).

Also of course we live in a culture that on the one hand goes on and on about food and adverts and everything in our face every day, and on other hand makes us feel guilty for being even a tiny bit overweight. It’s a no-win situation.

My neighbour who is 96 and very petite and not what I would call overweight at all was told by her GP that she is overweight and should lose weight and stop eating chocolate which she loves. It’s rediculous. At 96 should she really deprive herself of her little bit of chocolate which she loves!?! Complete madness.

Pat x

Isn’t it bad enough having MS and then have to endure all those ‘nasties’ that come with it?

I’ve put on nearly 2 stone in 12 months due to Pregab :frowning: (sure my work colleagues think I just sit and eat chocolate!) I don’t.

So what to do? Pregab is doing what its supposed to do and I cannot risk not taking it for the sake of vanity, but the weight thing is really getting me down now.

Its not as if I can run the weight off.

I like the sound of WW programme - I’ve never been disciplined enough to follow these diets BUT needs must and I must.

Thanx everyone for your really helpful comments and support think I will try a weightwatchers type programme, am pretty useless at doing it alone, getting into this site has really given me some motivation though.

Fed up of trying, done everything , still weight creeping on. Now increasing anxiety and depression, severe fatigue follows and all horrid ms symptoms are there everyday. Joined slimming world, joined gym, eat little, healthy diet only, no dairy, scarcely any saturated fat or sugar, active as can be within fatigue limits. Only thing refuse to give up is couple glasses low alcohol wine per evening. Take min dose beta blocker and 10 mg amytrp so can’t carry on blaming meds. Starting to feel seriously negative bout myself, my gp says if weight stabilises that’s good result, my wish to lose 3 stone is unrealistic, can’t accept this, would rather not be here. Any advice appreciated.

I am still following the Poll says no diet. You may think I joke,but its not.

Despite all of her difficulties she has managed to lose weight,anyone who can go down a sling loop I take my hat off to.

Nothing in the past has ever given me willpower and I too am in the dreaded Gabapentin brigade, but if I feel like opening a can of lager/the crisp packet/bread(ohh I love bread) I just have an image of Poll dangling in her sling and I dont do it.As simple as that.

Poll also kindly pmd me with a few details in the mental image department.

Works for me… see our Poll is more of an inspiration than many of you thought.


I have just lost my first stone following slimming world, I should have lost nearly 2 stone but I was in hospital and the 10 ld I had lost soon went on plus a few pounds , so I had to do it all again , but 6 weeks later I did wahoo , I take pregabalin and also not very active but after watching the programme about overweight people not getting out of their house and that set my mind on dietting because I didn’t want to be that person.

I was just about to say talk to Polly but Pip beat me to it! I have lost half a stone on slimming world, it has taken me 6 months butbim getting there! Good luck with it, Chis

hi wanda

when first diagnosed had steroids and ate everything could get hands on, now on baclofen amitriptyline

got diet under control now only veg and fish, no big meals like sunday dinner,treat myself now and again

lost 1/2 stone



I have just joined this forum, and find that nearly all the comments regarding weight gain ring true to home.

After taking prescribed steroids to help combat a relapse I gained two and a half stone, and just could not stop eating all the wrong food types. As if no signal present to suggest I was full!!!..

.(Had to take steroids to get better).

I was left feeling fat and horrid…gave all of my small clothes away, went on a diet by eating from a small plate, chewing slowly, and always leaving a little on my plate. I could eat exactly what I wanted, and did not feel on a diet. It worked for me and I managed to loose 35lb, even with restricted mobility.

Now taking Gabapentine, and have gained around 1st. It always seems that weight gain is one of the issues we have to combat once feeling well/pain free. I have got to shift added weight, because it helps with mobility, confidence, and well being. Although hard to lose it seems to put me back in control of my body!

Good luck to those of us with weight gain issues regarding MS, and I wish you well with your weight loss. Just think every small 1lb lost is one less to carry around! Thank you for reading.