Trying to lose weight!

Hi - I’m new to this forum so I hope this is OK! I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS last July and was put on Gabapentin, but had to change to Pregabalin a couple of months later as my hair was falling out. I’ve not had any nasty side effects (apart from feeling even more off balance and really sleepy), but I have put on loads of weight. I’ve recently been trying to lose a little weight as it was affecting my breathing, etc, and have lost about 12lbs since mid-July. Now, though, the weight has stopped coming off, despite the fact I’m still dieting. Does anyone have any tips for me? I’m getting really down in the dumps, and it doesn’t help that I’m stuck indoors all day as I’ve had to give up work and I can’t really get out and about without the help of my husband. I’m looking forward to communicating with other people in the same boat as me! Julie

Hi Julie

Must have been awful having your hair falling out.

I was on Gabapentin for a while and I put on a lot of weight too.

What diet are you following?

I have been on the low fat diet (less than 5% fat per 100gm). I have lost 3 and a half stone in just over 2 years. It is a hard slog but when you see the weight come off it is worth it. There are quite a lot of things that you can eat which are low in fat. I don’t see it as a diet anymore just a change of eating.

Well done on losing the 12lbs. That is brilliant. Nearly a stone!

Shazzie x

Eat single ingredient, whole foods. If it’s something you can’t pronounce, chances are it’s man made and has no nutritional value at all. Drink plenty of water x

Hi Shazzie - well done to you too for the weight loss. I’m finding that I’ve had to cut out everything that’s bad. I’m living on Ryvita and low fat ready meals (as my hubbie has to do all the cooking it’s easy for him to bung something in the microwave). I may even sign up to Weight Watchers to give me an incentive. It’s nice to talk to someone in the same boat as me. What symptoms do you have? Are you still able to work? Sorry for all the questions - I do go to an MS coffee morning once a month but nobody seems to want to talk about their MS, and I’m finding I want to talk about it. It might help me to accept it a bit more easily. J x

Hi Badger68, just wanted to say that i am in a similar position to you, i have SPMS, not able to work, trying to loose weight, but it’s so hard when you are not very mobile. PM me anytime you want to chat, love Bex xxx

Hiya Julie

My symptoms started with Optic Neuritis 8 years ago, then came the heavy legs and painful spasms and the bladder probs. Oh and the dreaded hug.

I was working as a medical secretary til last year. I retired through ill health as my ON was so bad I couldn’t see to type (not good).

I prepare a huge bowl of salad with ham or tuna and if I get peckish then I will have a small plate of that rather than have something naughty.

I’m gonna be in trouble tomorrow though cause it is my birthday. What about the cake??? Oh dear!! Lol!!

We are all keen to chat on this forum so feel free to ask what you want and we will always be there for a chat.

Shazzie xx


Birthday calories don’t count. You can eat as much cake as you like :slight_smile:

Many Happy returns hun

JBK xxxxx

Vitamin D3 capsule, 5000IU, once daily. Appetite supressant, and has def helped me lose weight. Great for combatting MS too.

Happy Birthday for today, Shazzie, and enjoy your cake! Thanks to everyone else for your comments, I’m going to look for the vitamin D3 capsules and hopefully they’ll help. Julie x

Badger, l have just re-ordered my vitamin d3 - l get mine through Amazon - 360softgels - Healthy Origins 10.000ius. They cost about £15 for a years supply. Look them up on amazon and read the reviews - very interesting. Yes, they are ‘fat absorbers’ - but l take them for my general health. l have taken them for about 6yrs - and l do have my levels checked every 6months - and so far have not got anyway near to the recommended level of 150/225 nmols. 98 has been the highest so far. This just goes to prove that us with ms have low levels - or do not absorb enough.

l tried the 5-2 Fasting Diet - by Dr Michael Mosely. And l quickly lost 12lb - and find it easy to stick to. Dr Mosely has just started a new programme on BBC2 Thursday 8pm. Trust me l am a Doctor. Really fascinating programme. Last nights showed a man with severe tremours caused by Parkinsons. He had ultra-sound on his brain and it stopped the tremours. lt was suggested that it could also be used to treat the same symptom in ms.

Hi, I`ve dieted most of my adult life!

I have lost about the weight of 10 people over the years, but sadly am 4 stone overweight again now!

I lost 88lbs (2 fat ladies!) with WW 20 years ago, then had a boob lift . I went to work for them and loved it. I kept the weight off for 5 years. The diet plan then, was probably more complicated than it is now. I recall a lot of weighing food, ticking off boxes and having to think too hard about what I was eating.

Recently I joined Slimming World. But I couldnt get on the scales, due to poor mobility. However, the leader refunded my dues, and as my sister was a member, she was happy for me to attend classes for free!

I found their eating regime SOOO easy to follow. There was very little measuring or weighing food. My carers noticed my weight loss and reckon I lost over 2 stone. I was buying smaller clothes and felt great. Thay was from May to Dec last year.

But I`ve had a rotten year this year and I lapsed on the sensible eating lark.

But I do recommend SW as a sensible way to lose weight.

I have recently gone on pregabalin…if I gain weight i usually know what`s causing it…mmm?

luv Pollx