PREGABALIN and weight gain?

I lost 4 and half stone over 2 years ago and have managed to keep it off and keep my weight steady for those 2 years. Then this year I’ve had to give in to taking PREGABALIN for my MS and seizures. I’m trying everything but my weight has crept up by 8lb over the last year, 3 of them in one week as I had to increase my meds. I know low carb is a good therapeutic treatment for my conditions but it’s not enough on its own and I need the drugs. But mentally I’m falling apart with the increase. It was another seizure that made my neuro suggest this as he was concerned about how a fall might be very bad as I get older. But it’s always about 5 - 6 years between seizures.

Up until I found low carb diet I yo-yo’d for years by up to 6 stone and this set back feels impossible to overcome. I just don’t know how to cope mentally or how to change this increase physically. Any advice is very welcome? Has anyone had the same type of thing happen. My GP just doesn’t get the way the weight gain affects me mentally as he sees it as “well the meds make you hungrier so it’s up to you to control your appetite”. But I know that’s not true as my diet has been the same for 4 years now but he still makes me feel guilty. I’ve checked for carb creep and I’ve cut out a meal so just 2 meals a day now but it’s not helping yet. Anyone had similar happen.

Hi, meds also make it nigh on impossible for me to lose weight…that plus being immobile!

I used to work for both WW and SW so I know how to do it.

A 6 week serious effort this spring, resulted in a 2lb loss! Soul destroying!


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As low carb is your thing, you’ve probably come across Diet Some of it is subscription only, but there’s a lot of good free information on their site too. It’s evidence-based and sensible. There’s certainly always a lot of discussion and advice on things to try when weight has become hard to manage for various reasons after having been fine - as in your case. Worth a look, perhaps, if you haven’t come across it.

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Thank so much but yes I’ve done a lot of searching for help about this and I know the Dietdoctor site well. I think I’m just reaching out to see if others have had an issue like this with PREGABALIN as my GP keeps insisting I must be eating more as it increases your appetite.

Hi Wobblylegs,

I empathize with your weight gain problem. I too put on weight for a few reasons but also because of taking Duloxetine.
I’ve always struggled with my weight and I know it gets us down.

I hope you find something helpful.

Crystal :sunflower:

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