weight gain

im currently on pregablin and previously on gabapentn for tingly fingers but have gained weight with them both, im always famished, does anyone recomend any other meds

Well it is a side effect of both, what amount are you on I’m actually on pregabalin also 2x 300mg a day. I’ve been on them for a number of years but they did not make me put on weight. If your famished as you say then look to eat fruit, vegetables, carrot sticks, celery etc, try not to hit the biscuit tin. I also suffer terribly with tingling fingers which is constant, I can’t say it’s reduced it that much buti do think it’s helped for the,pain. Alot of tablets list as a side effect weight gain but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will gain weight, maybe look at your diet and see what your actually eating, I don’t knowif you’ve been on your tablets for a longtime or are just starting, if the latter then give it a little while for your body to adjust.xx

I too have severe weight gain. Not only did i have three lots of iv steroids in 5 months but had maximum dose Gabapentin swapped for maximum dose Pregabalin. What with that 100mg Baclofen and 450mg Clonazepam as well as intermittent diazepam i have gone from a 9st happy go lucky person to a 13st plus blob in a wheelchair in hospital for 26 weeks. Baclofen pump operation due next week, hoping for the best and at least a reduction of my meds. Two seperate hospitals have asked their dieticians to see me and both declined saying their job was to build disabled people up, i should just order salad and not eat naughty food.

I have not given up though, i do light weight exercises and kick my legs out from my wheelie and everytime corrie or another programme comes on the telly i wave my arms around like a loon till im breathless. anything that raises your heartrate and makes you warm burns calories. I do these things 6 times a day and have lost 3kg in 4 weeks.

As for meds, only your doctor or ms nurse can help there but i wish you the very best.

Susie, I am so picturing you doing your wheelie-robics to corrie…Go Girl! lol

I’ve been on max dose Gaba plus other stuff like you and it is indeed a challenge to try and keep weight gain down.

I think you’re right to do what you can as I think its not just the meds…it’s as much the lack of mobility that contributes to the weight gain so keep on dancing…(I will be doing it too )

Was told metabolism changes with pregabalin, amytryptiline and gabapentine. It does say on side effects: possible weight gain. You arent the only one who is worried about weight gain, seems to go with the territory of having ms and lots of meds. Perhaps its also because we dont move as much as before?

Ive tried starvation diet however then got diagnosed with osteoporosis, so I wouldnt try that, just try cutting out in betweens but have balanced diet on main meals.

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Its fact exercise does not lose weight. If you could run 10 times around a running track you would lose the equivalent of the weight put on by one sausage.

Eating fewer calories is the only way to lose weight and fasting for two days per week. I choose Wednesday’s and Sunday’s I only have a large bowl of Moroccan Chicken Soup from Waitrose and two Butter Brioche Buns; keeping under 400 calories.

If you saw the Horizon programme it explained what the body does; is say’s “Hold on; I’m not getting the calories I’m used to” so uses the fat stored. On the other days you can eat what you want; I have at least one full fried breakfast; eggs; bacon; fried bread and fried sundried tomatoes; Lunch lasagne or perhaps a curry from my slow cooker. Then in the evening my coup de grass popcorn; the new super food; plenty of fibre.

I have been following this regime for one month now and have lost well over one stone; don’t know if I’ll get back to my fighting weight of 12 stone; I doubt it as age get’s us all. .It’s not easy fasting; I’m used to it though; when I was 12 years old I weighed 17 stone; found out girl’s were not attracted to fat men so in 6 months got down to 10 stone by eating chewing gum; yuk!

Don’t get me wrong; exercise is very important and do my Mr Motivator from the MS Trust everyday. Also lots of people follow Swank; Best Bet; McDougall diets; great that’s their bag and they show improvements but it’s definitely not mine.

With any diet; especially this one; get advice from your GP first. I must agree with Yawn; perhaps I’m the only one who can do it but I am so lucky; do not take any drugs for MS; celebrated my 40 years since diagnosis; this just goes to show how differently it affects PwMS.