Weight Gain Pregablin Fed up !!!

So a quick question…

Does Pregablin really make you put on weight or is that we are less active.

The reason for asking is because I was Gabapentine for a couple of months and then put onto Pregablin for the last 6 weeks or so, and I’ve definitely put on just under a stone in weight over this period.

I’m not a huge eater in fact over the last few weeks I’ve made a big effort in cutting back, I’ve also cut out all alcohol during the week, stopped all snacks and started on more fruit !

The result… more weight gain …

So whats the problem, is it the Pregablin, and the Gabapentine leading up to it, or the fact that with MS we are less active ?

Oddly, I’ve had the MS for over 4 years, yet my weight has only crept up in the last 6 months, around about the time I started on these meds, but is that just a coincidence ?

I frustrates me that if it is a known side effect to put on weight when taking these meds, how are we supposed to combat it if we are less active, plus putting on weight only adds to the bloody problem of having mobility issues.

Bit of a rant more than a quick question really !!!

Yes pregabalin results in wieght gain I have been taking it 4 years now I went from 75 kg to 95 kg but have been stable since about the last 2 years have asked gp several times about something else with no positive response.

Hiya In my own experience, I have tried Pregabalin and had no weight gain. I am now on Gabapentin and in fact I have lost weight! Everyone is different, though. Take care, Marty

Hi, pregabalin caused me to gain about a stone in 4 weeks!

They say amitryptiline causes gain too, but I need it for nerve pain relief.


I happen to see a bariatric consultant as I had a gastric by pass in 2008 and lost 13 st in weight I was 23 st now with all the drugs for my bi polar and now the dreaded ms I rapidly gained 5st he has told me its the drugs affect receptors in our brain that make us crave hi carb weight gaining bad for us junk food, and we need to turn them off. Now this is easier said than done he has had me on victoza injections twice daily that is supposed to kill my appetite, it did at first but I swear my body has got used to it because I’m hungry all the time so he started me on celeriac a fat binder it gives you the squirts so your scar d to eat anything lol but I’m still overweight lol