Hi all - any of u out there taking amitriptyline. I take 50mg at night to go to bed and got to be honest its controlling the spasms but have gained heck of a lot of weight and just cant seem to shift it. Obviously since being diagnosed in June not been that active, afraid to be honest to do too much in case i have another relapse. Still having terrible back pains and problems with passing urine. Not ready for a cafiter yet, but think its only a matter of time. My consultant has mentioned me taking anything else or trying anything, he reckons it depends how many relapses I have in a one year spell, well i’ve had 2 now, so hey you. Anyway trying my best to stay positive, am back in work but my memory oh what can I say, I havent got a memory, cant remember anything… Its like I go to bed and get up and just cant remember anything about the day before. Gdnight until tmro …

Hi Pink, I know what you mean about not remembering anything, I’m just the same. I have been on amitriptyline for a couple of months now, on 50mg too. I decided it wasn’t doing any good and came off it a few weeks ago but got back on it straight away when I saw I was getting worse, so it is doing something, just not miracles. I’ve not put on any weight but I am fairly active due to having two small kids to chase after all day, and I have a very boring clean diet so I can’t eat anything too naughty (no gluten/sugar/dairy). I did gain weight before I changed my diet, and I went on gabapentin, I did more exercise (pilates and swimming and gentle walking, which are all I can manage) and ate a lot less as I couldn;t handle extra weight as well as all the other probs, wasn’t much fun! Hope you find something that works for you soon.