Amytriptylene side effects

Hi all,

I started Amytriptylene about 3 months ago and wondered if anyone had actually lost weight on it? I have lost over a stone but not sure if this is because I’ve changed from Mitrazapine in which I gained a lot of weight.

My sex drive has deteriorated as well which is obviously not a good thing! Do you think this is because of the Amytriptylene?

Im only on 10mg a night but not sure if it is having much effect- certainly hasn’t helped sleep but any higher dose makes me feel like a space cadet!

Not sure whether to stop taking it and try something else?

Any advice much appreciated.


Julie x

Hi Julie

I take Amitriptyline and wouldn’t mind losing some weight but it doesn’t have that effect on me. So although we all react differently to drugs, I would doubt that a relatively low dose of Amitriptyline would cause weight loss. I don’t know whether it affects sex drive, I don’t really have one anymore, but that’s at least as much to do with not having any feeling in the appropriate region!

You maybe need to think about why you’re taking the drug and see if there’s something that would do the job better, or if it’s the right drug, then think about the way you take it.

I take it for neuropathic pain and also to help with sleeping. I take something like 40mg per day spaced out through the afternoon and evening. (I’ve been taking it for quite a long time, I certainly wouldn’t advocate taking that dosage when you aren’t even happy with 10mg.)

What I was advised to do is to take it a couple of hours before going to bed. That way it has a chance to get into your system and help with your sleep. It also has longer to wear off before morning, so that way you avoid any ‘morning after’ type side effects.

I know that when I first started taking it I took it last thing at night and felt a bit zombified the next morning. But I’m now at the point where I can take one 10mg tablet in the afternoon, 2 at about 8pm and another just before I go to sleep. I don’t get any hangover or dopey side effects the next day.

If you find you just can’t get on with it, try changing to another drug, you just need to establish what you want to achieve from the drug.


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Hi, I`ve been on it since 2000 and absolutely love it…because it keeps some really nasty nerve pain away!

I take 75mg about an hour or so before lights out.

Some folk say it does cause them to gain weight …it doesnt for me…fat food does that! I`m currently following a healthy eating plan and the weight is coming off slowly…but then I am a full time wheeler!

There are other strong nerve pain meds and it`ll be a matter of trying and testing them.

It hasnt depleted my sex drive, but that`s another sory!


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Hi. I’ve been taking 10mg nightly which I believe is a very small dose. It doesn’t have any effect on my weight - I wish!

I was put on it years ago by a consultant psychiatrist (to reduce IBS symptoms and going to the loo too much during the night - this was years ago before I was dxd with MS) He told me that 10mg is a very small dose. I take it with dinner otherwise I feel knocked out in the morning. Years of trial and error, that…


I have been taking Amitryptiline for around 4 months, I started on 10mg a night and this did wonders for my sleep. The MS specialist at the hospital suggested I upped the dosage to 50mg to combat my leg pains during the day. Since I have upped my medication I am not needing to take any more pain killers unless I am working then I take some around tea time.

I haven’t had any side effects, I haven’t noticed any major weight loss/gain, same with sex drive and I don’t even feel drowsy when I take it. It has been a godsend because due to my physical job I was in terrible pain during the day and would be taking painkillers codeine and paracetemol every 4 hours which would result in some horrible side effects. So now I am not taking as many it has been a godsend. The specialist has also recommended Gabapentin which I haven’t started yet I am waiting to discuss this with my MS Nurse next week.


I tried Amytriptylene but I couldn’t function at all and that was the lowest dose 10mg.

My neurologist changed it to another of the same drug called Nortripgylene.

No side effects, for me anyway.