weight gain and hopefull loss

hi everyone I am taking very high doses of Pregabalin 600mg a day and amytriptyline 160mga day both for pain. I have recently discovered CBD which is working so well I have been able to cut Pregabalin by half. I haven’t tried cutting amitryptiline yet Yesterday i got weighed at hospital using one of their hoists as I can’t stand any more. I knew I had put a lot of weight on but still it was a shock as my weight has doubled over the last 10 years. I know the pregabalin and amitripyline can put weight on but if I cut them down how easy would it be to lose some bearind in mind i am very immobile now. can anyone help ?

it would be a good idea to have your weight monitored by your doctor.

any diet needs to be checked over before you start it.

gabapentin made me bloat and get constipated, this made me miserable so i quit them.

have a lot of nerve pain but that remained even when i was taking the max dose.

my CBD oil arrived today.

CBD Brothers purple edition oil.

i also got some CBD oil for vaping.

back to the sixties baby!

Hi Lynne

It’s so very difficult to lose weight when you are incapable of doing any movement to help with the weight loss.

The only way to do it really is to cut down the calories. And to be honest, when you can’t do much there’s not so much joy in the world, so the odd biscuit or piece of chocolate is something that we all use to keep us happy. (Plus gin, in my case!)

This is probably true of everyone who can’t walk.

I’ve recently started doing some basic physiotherapy exercises again, I stopped last year when I had an SPC put in (later removed!) then had a colostomy so couldn’t do any exercises. And of course, piled some more weight on. Since I stopped being able to walk, I’ve put on tons of weight (I don’t use a hoist though so am quite a bit more mobile than you). When I’ve been weighed at the hospital, I ask them not to tell me the bad news!

I have no expectation that the exercises I’m doing will help me lose weight, but if they’ll help just a bit, that’s better than nothing!

Carole is absolutely right, before you start a diet, talk to your GP about how you can safely cut back on drugs that make you put weight on and perhaps refer you to a dietician who can work with you on a weight loss plan. Maybe even see a physiotherapist who can come up with some seated exercises?

Best of luck.


If you get chance have a look at DDP Yoga (website or app)

they do yoga based workouts and start from lying down, to being sat down and eventually to standing. Think it’s called the rebuild program

I started doing it when I got my diagnosis a few months back in order to get my balance and core stronger in anticipation of my next relapse and so far it’s worked a treat although it probably would be better if I actually followed the diet as well but I do like my chocolate.

There are seated exercise classes and also swimming is good - the water holds you up whether you swim or not. Slimming World works and not only for normal ppl… But you have to get your head on and be determined. Talk to the GP, losing weight can only help with mobility - not to mention your heart, breathing and other organs will benefit

Have you heard about CBD oil to help to lose weight? I personally haven’t used it yet. However,a good friend of mine has been using it for chronic pain in his knee he injured 7 years ago. He said the pain has eased up to where he can use his leg again (he opt out of surgery because he was told he would have limited use). So about 2 weeks, I noticed he was thinner. So he started to weigh himself & he has lost 18 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I Googled and found article on this issue . Pretty interesting