Madness lol

Thinking the ms has finally rotted my brain to the point that agree to things that are a bit mad!!! Since losing 5 stone my ms has been much better and I am more mobile than I have been for along time. So mobile that I have signed up for the bath half marathon next year. I have never run further than the cake shop before!!! I am doing it in aid of the dorathy house hospice a local charity close to my heart. Any training advice anyone???

Yep…start by getting past the cake shop !!! Good luck. Xx

I am hoping that the cake shop stays on the far horizon for the forseeable future. I only had one bag of mini eggs all easter and that was my daughters fault for making me open them!!!

Thanks pat, Its been horrible but I am bloody determined to not let this bloody disease take over my body to soon. I have had it 9 years so far and had some major ups and downs, I think my neuros wrote me off but I am back and fighting!!! Everyone has said good running shoes. My friend says there is a shop that measures everything on your foot and tailors the trainers for the way you stand and the way you walk. I think I will be paying them a visit. I figure I have nearly a year to plan for this so I should be ok???“£”$$

Are you going to set up a “just Giving” page or similar so people can spinster you ? Xx

Yes will do it on facebook probably. Starting training in may then want to see how I get on with that before asking people for money!!! Feeling fairly confident!!! But you know what this bloody disease is like. It likes to give you a kick up the backside every now and then so fingers crossed it behaves its self until next year.

Hey Madness how did you lose your 5 stone, well done??? I’ve put on weight these past 6 months I do kinda blame the Copaxone…



Well done you! Firstly for that fabulous weight loss. Did you follow any particular plan?

I`m doing Slimming World. It works well. But then any sensible diet does, if you stick to it!

But more well done for the running. You are an inspiration.

luv Pollx