I just wanted a biscuit !!!!!

I can laugh now but had a total melt down … Really wanted a nice biccy so I wobbled and swayed into the kitchen to find a un opened packet in the draw … Oh lovely , opening the packet my arm twitched and launched the damn biscuits all over the kitchen ( dirty dishes in sink as usual ) could not save ONE !! Not one this is when I had a paddy like a 3 yr old … Oops :confused:

Yep, I can relate to that. It’s easy to see the funny side afterwards but at the time it’s soul destroying. I’ve had a few incidents when I’ve used the last of my limited energy to put something simple in the oven for tea and then dropped it all over the floor. Then burst into tears and gone straight to bed without eating.

Tracey x

It’s so hard sometimes

Well biccies are for dunking, eh? Nah, perhaps not the same being dunked in cold washing up water.

better luck next time…howsabout a big fat cream cake instead…a virtual one until you can actually get one!

luv Pollx

Aw thank you poll :smiley: x

Aww I was cleaning my ears last night before going out and my arm spasmed jabbing the cotton bud right into my ear drum…cue around a minute of intense pain, swearing and tears in my eyes! Shan’t be attempting that again x

Ouch bless you littlekit :confused: I have been know to punch myself in face in the middle of the night :s got neuro ap on 25th hope to be fixed !!( although I know deep down that’s not likely ) x