I'm such a make you smile :o)

Are you sitting comfortably (stupid question), then I'll begin...

Well, feeling sorry for myself after a bad night, I decided tea and toast in bed would be a good start this morning. Especially as I'm only signed off work until Tuesday so need to take the opportunity to try and chillax and have some 'me time'. Even decided to pass on the marmite and go with lashings of Nutella instead. Yum.

Got half way up the stairs with it and {{{{Wehey}}}} massive spasms and arm jerks. Not had that before, only fizzing, tremors and some random twitching. I,ve got to see the funny side of it (well now anyway). Don't know what was wearing the most Nutella, my face, the wall or the stair carpet? Coupled with the hot tea (nothing left in cup!) it looked as if I was trying to recreate some Jackson Pollack art piece. Thankfully the carpet and my dressing gown took the brunt of it.

Thinking pale walls and light beige carpet may not have been a good choice had I known I was going to become so haphazard. Thank goodness for Vanish stain spray. Trying to see the upside - at least the shaking helped me rub the carpet clean!

I know that this may sound like I am making light of something serious. I hope I don't offend anyone - not my intention at all. Think Michael J Fox explaining how Parkinsons helps him clean his teeth really well in the morning - just I'm not as good a story teller...or as rich and famous.

Knackered after cleaning up after myself. Don't think I can face making more tea.

Please laugh along at me.




Always best to see the funny side if at all possible!

And Michael J Fox is an inspiration.


Enjoy the rest of the day!

Karen x

Thanks Claire, it made me smile.  happy2 I think it's great if we can make light of some of those irritating symptoms.  I'm always laughing at myself, lol.  I do occasionally have the odd sense of humour failure when things get too much but it does make things easier if you can keep your sense of humour.

Mags xx

Sorry to hear about your jackson pollacks, you cheered me up no end

reading that. Ive got a sideboard that needs rubbin down ! Hope your

lunch goes a bit better ;- )


What a waste of nutella!

I  heart nutella.

You're funny - love it xxx

happywaaa haaaa haaaa!!!

I've had a good one too - I started my glaucoma drops on Wednesday - one drop in each eye before bed time!

Woke hubby up at 6.00am - sleepily he stretched then turned to face me - took one look at me and SCREAMED! (do men scream??)... anyway I had a fright too but didn't know why - jumped up and banged my head on the beadstead!

Then I looked in the mirror and my god you have never seen such shockingly bright red eyeballs in your life!!

No wonder he had a fright - I looked like the Bride of Dracula!!!

So - off I went to work - traipsed through the building chirpilly saying 'morning' to everyone - and it was a case of every single one of them doing a double take!! This poor guy in the lift was desperately trying not to look at me!!

Waaa haaa haa! There are probably rumours going round now about me having been out on the tiles all night drinking copious amounts of red wine - especially with my wobbling body!!!!


Dear Claire - please do not attempt spag bol for lunch!!

I laughed at this too thanks for cheering me up  - I laugh a lot at my own goings on.

Jen - you had a funny do too - LOL!

Sadly folks have thought me drunk - but as it was 9am at the Marks and Spencer paying counter I think I quite surpassed myself - lol!!!! (They should have seen me later at 9pm after just one glass of wine!!)


LOL@ Claire and Kizzy!!

You certainly have to get the laughs in when you can. Make the most of it coz there are surely plenty of rubbish days. A sense of humour can do wonders!


happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy well what more can i say apart from hope your ok xx

Nice one Jen! LOL


Hahaha you have my sence of humour thumbsup

I try to make a joke out of most things.

I have only recently got my blue badge and still am a little wary of using it in our home town. Anyway, my husband, two kids and I went to the zoo the other day. We noticed a sign for the disabled car parking. It took us through the car park, and another car park, down another long road and right to the front gate. It was a very very long walk from the proper car park to the gate so I turned to my husband and said "there is the first benefit of having MS" and high fived each other happy.


Now same again, I hope this didn't offend anyone as it is my way of looking for the "silver lining".

Lindsay x

H Babylove

Just wait until it raining you park outside the shops in a bay, and some one says “you won’t get wet there not far to go”

It may not be far, but the tortoise will always overtake me, unless I use it as a hock puck with my crutch. Revenge…
I hope you see the funny side cos I just got blue badge & I still park in non disabled spots because of comments.
It’s people’s perception see below

Mike x