Strange day!

Happy rainy Saturday to you all (!!) - just a little 'sound off' of my confusion.

I woke up bright and breezy this morning, got up at 6am, did some tutor reports, took a cup of tea back to back to wake up other half and all good. Then over the next half hour I had several rather violent jerks, which had diminished to maybe 2 or 3 small ones a day over the last few weeks. I got up to make another cup of tea, my right leg jerked whilst I was walking and my walking has now become a complete mission. My legs are buckling and I stagger. I'm exhausted.

Let's see how the day goes.


Oh and fantastic, rereading my post I see my once perfect writing is going bananas! 'back to back' meant 'back to bed'.

Yesterday I wrote on the board - 25% of the world's population use 80% of the work's resources - kindly pointed out by an 11 year old.

My brain has gone screwy crying1

I know the feeling! (Screwy brain here too.)

Beware that bright and breezy feeling - it is NOT a reason to do loads of work! Take things nice and slow, have a break BEFORE you start to feel tired - eek that feeling good out as long as possible!

For now... REST!!!

Karen x

aww sorry youre both having that sort of day..if its any consolation..been on go slow here been trying to pace myself too while my little dog has his cluster fits..eek thought he was ok after 6wks..spoke to soon!! lol


Enjoy your weekend..

em x

Hello Deb,

Have you seen anyone with regards to your symptoms, if not I would suggest that you do. In the mean time take care and don't do to much and rest.

Janet x

Hi Janet - thank you, I think yesterday was a temporary worsened blip: my legs are stiff today but not particularly buckling any longer.  I had a very painful neck and upper back yesterday too which may be related.  

I've recently had the full-whammy of evoked potentials and an eeg during which a jerk was videoed(!).  I'm seeing the neurologist on April 11th for the results so unless anything longer lasting happens I'll be fine waiting for that I'm sure.  Each day is a new mystery waiting to see how you'll be isn't it!

Hope it's a good day for you today

Deb x 


Hi Deb,

I to started off with small jerks apparently called myoclonic jerks which eventually kept me awake at night and extended into the day as well. I wish you the very best for April 11th and please do let us know the results.

In the mean time take care.

Janet x