Hi everyone

I wanted to post this yesterday but was having trouble with my internet.

I went into town yesterday for some new clothes. I got to the till, put my card in and completely forgot my pin number. It was awful, I got so flustered and panicky, even now when I try to remember the number I can't. I ended up going back to my car and crying crying1.

I know that people often forget stupid little things like that, as my husband pointed out to me last night, but with everything else going on with my body at the minute I can't help wondering if this is a sign of things to come.

Sorry had to come on here to get that out because I don't think my husband or best friend fully understand just how upset and scared I am.


Hi Claudette,

That's exactly what's happened to me - twice - both times in Tesco's of all places. Luckily I had some cash on me the first time. The second time I was with someone and they paid until my pin number decided to come back to me mentally blush 

We all have our 'moments' and as worrying as it is to each of us - try not to fret over it too much - and no, I agree that others don't quite 'get it' scared2

Even though it still bothers me I try to laugh at my 'moments'.

I hope you start to feel better soon


Debbie xx



This happened to me too. I have had to ask my partner to put it into his phone, so when I do get 'stuck' I can phone him to tell me :( Makes me feel really silly. I actually forgot how to sign my name yesterday too. Which was really embarrassing x

oh Claudette sending you big hug, thats a horrid experience and just adds to everything at mow. I agree with rubina I to try and laugh but I know it’s hard. I’m struggling to remember the name of things called the kettle the dish washer yesterday. I asked my 13 year old to put the “dishwasher” on and grumbled when my cup of tea didn’t appear! however we have very clean cups as they were washed twice!!
like the idea of keeping on husbands phone might do that for house alarm, thanks paulamah.

chin up Claudette and remember we are all here to share xxx

Hi Claudette,

So sorry this has happened to you, but I thought I would tell you what I have done to remember mine.

I have put my on my phone under a name (any name you like) and used the pin number as the last 4 digits on the made up phone number.

Hope this helps, might be worth a try.


I really sympathise with you I did the same thing last year. I never did remember it and I’d had it for 20 years! I think the mobile idea is great.
If it helps I try to put the toaster in the fridge almost every morning. It’s never fit in once!

I found my kitchen foil in the freezer yesterday! xxjenxx

well your making me laugh at thought I’m not the only “basket” case!

just got back from having eye screening, ophthalmologist asked what my address was I gave my date of birth she looked at me with puzzled look I looked at her thinking why is she looking at me with that look, so again she asked and I gave same answer then she says I need to know where u live not what your dob is, how when I have lived here for11years how could I not know number of house??

I’ve managed to get round that one Coco…I call everything Barney if I can’t recall it’s proper name…lol…

The amazing thing is that most people still know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not - for them I mean, not me…tee hee…

I also put things like pin numbers as ‘phone numbers’ too.

I use anything I can to help me remember stuff.

Debbie xx

Debbie.. loving the Barney name for everything lol! I dont even remember my own childrens names at times!! Its so horrible when you cant remember words for things and your words stop short of the full sentence and you have no idea what you were saying (or why!). Embarrassing. I live by post it notes, phone reminders, and lists. And I still forget everything :( x

Oh Claudette, that must have been horrible for you - these things are scary when they happen aren't they?

Just last week, I couldn't work out which coins made up 38p when trying to give my neighbour some change.  The week before I'd asked someone to phone me back, but for the life of me couldn't remember my own phone no, to give them!

I posted on here about how scary these things are and was so reassured by people's replies that they do similar things too - it helped me so much.

Know that you're not alone - we really understand what it's like, and sending you (((hugs)))

Bren x

This exact thing happened to me, I was in a shop and my mind just went blank, hubby paid thankfully. This was in 2009 and I still have no idea what my pin was and I’d had the same pin for 8 years :confused:
I have also left the house without locking the door and I leave my phone or purse ALL the time.
I was off into town once so got ready and off I went, it wasn’t until I stepped on the bus and had no money to pay that I realised I’d left my purse at home! I didn’t have my bag either so I hadn’t locked door, I’d just got ready and left!
I forget things all the time and hubby is always getting irritated by me being a bit clueless! It’s really frustrating as I’m normally quite quick and witty :frowning: xx

Thank you all, I am still a bit upset about it but I don't feel so alone now.

I must admit some of your stories did make me giggle, I think thats what I need to do just make a joke of it if it happens again otherwise I will end up miserable!

The idea about the telephone number is great Pam I will definately be doing that.

Claudette x

I use the same pin as the sky box and you can guarantee no one in our house forgets the sky pin so there is always someone to ask!!!!


When my new pin arrived I went to cash machine straight away to change it, my pin is now the same as hubby’s so I can’t forget it now and if I do then hubby definitely knows it :slight_smile: xx

I can only add to the "you're definitely not alone" stories... I do these things all the time. 

There was a day for me when everything else seemed to be going wrong, and it ended up in a meltdown.  I just kept dropping things ALL day long (literally).  After a whole day of shaky hands and dropping things, the last straw came in the form of me spilling my coffee because my hands were shaking too much to stir it.  The whole mug of coffee spilled on the floor and I started sobbing.  My husband laughed, which only made me more angry and upset.  It was only a nervous laugh because he was probably embarassed for me, but it made me feel SO stupid and SO useless that I just lost the plot altogether.  I kept shouting "It ISN'T funny!" and crying until I was sobbing on his shoulder.  :( 

I've forgotten how to spell my own name, PIN numbers, my phone number --- you name it.  You're not alone, and there's no shame in it.  We're just a little more 'forgetful' than others is all.  tounge