Memory like a sieve...

One of the symptoms that causes me the most problems is a malfunctioning short-term memory. I frequently leave food too long in the fridge and get told off by hubby (who is the one paying for it). I have to write down times when cooking. Appointments and important events have to be written on the calendar immediately. I often go to bed and forget to lock up. Little routine things that cause domestic stress. I have to write down all my passwords. I forgot some bank details recently which caused me a lot of hassle to put right. sigh But I actually shocked myself the other day with something fairly innocuous. I was preparing a tub of blackberries for the freezer and I wrote the date on it. I got the day right. I got the month right. But I wrote '08!

My main problem is losing words in the middle of sentences. My friends jump in and help me, a bit like people do when people stutter. It is frustrating when the words just disappear from your brain!

hi, you are not alone. I have had this problem for many years and I adapted like you with diaries, notes, to do lists etc. some days I can add up items in my basket at the checkout and other days struggle to understand the change I have in the palm of my hand. The variability of my memory is crazy but better when I am focused on one thing only. I can often get my telephone number/ post code wrong and I can even recall a time when I rang my land line and was quite insistent that the number that i had rung was mine. (The last two numbers cause me problems). I get words mixed up and may say pass me the television instead of telephone which is amusing (but wearing thin) and family and friends finish or guess words if I am struggling with making a sentence. (Which makes me feel stupid) I struggle with the year. With my passwords at work I incorporate the month and the year to reinforce that information. The constant barrage of password related logins are a nightmare but I try and have as many as possible the same. What a do!!! Yvette

Thankyou for your replies! The hard bit of this is not being able to give a reason (yet) as to why these episodes, that my Tai Chi teacher amusingly calls ‘brain farts’, are happening. I can’t claim the phenomenon that new parents call ‘mumnesia’ any more…she’s nearly five! It’s embarrasing, harmful to my self-esteem and worrying. This ‘cog fog’ is one of my top five concerning symptoms and a strain on the relationship with my hubby. I’m counting the weeks until I see the neuro. What a strange situation to be in. Why would it seem easier to get a diagnosis? Maybe because we humans like to name things. If we have a name for something, we feel a degree of control over it (whether or not that is the reality). Will I improve or will I just have to learn to live with this? Just give me a name for it so I can explain it to others. Then maybe I’ll be able to accept it and be better able to respond to situations that arise when next I forget something. (and I hope that somebody benefits from me sharing all this!)

I know exactly what you mean! Everyone keeps asking me what my I diagnosis is and I just have to keep saying that I have none (I am still off work). The truth is even if they do suspect MS (which I was told I had in hospital) they won’t officially diagnose it as I have only had one episode. It is a nightmare this limboland!

I, too, struggle with cognitive issues. I go blank in the middle of sentences and say the wrong words all the time. I also have this weird thing where I frequently say the opposite to what I want to say…eg: cold instead of hot, or outside instead of inside. The worrying things is that I have no idea I’ve said it wrong until someone points it out to me! I also, like you Yvette, say words that are similar but wrong, eg: hotel instead of hospital, or wardrobe instead of window!

I also forget things, and struggle with timings for cooking etc.

I spent the whole day yesterday trying to remember the name of the Neuro I’m being referred to, having referred to him quite happily and frequently over the previous week or more!

I also struggle with remembering what day it is, although I’ve put this down to being at home most of the time so not having any routine.

I can also completely forget whole conversations, which has caused problems between my hubby and me on more than one occasion when I swear he hasn’t told me something, or that we haven’t discussed something that he assures me we have. I have learnt to accept that he is right now (not easy!!).

Also, when on the rare occasions I am out in public these days I can get a kind of ‘detached’ feeling, where everything is going on around me but I am nothing to do with it and I am just looking on. Very weird. I can also get this if I have a fairly long one-on-one conversation, where the other person will kind of seem to become distant from me, but I can still hear what they are saying. Maybe I’m just a bit weird!!

I have the ‘hubby being right’ issue. Very frustrating. Haha. I’ve been feeling quite disconnected from my environment since I developed this infection. It’s quite scary.

Yep me too forget so much stuff its annoying and more than the usual things that I think most people get. I was writing the date yesterday and after putting 26 I was lost and my friend had to tell me to put Sept next. Words are constantly wrong. I have got lost driving to work as well one day. In fact I got a bit lost driving back from somewhere a mile from my house last week. Neuro told me 4years ago that was normal!!! A xxx

It’s so good to know that I’m not alone here! Puddinglover - isn’t it just! Purpledot - I’d happily admit to being ‘a bit weird’…I know what you mean about (lol I just spelled ‘the’ with all the wrong letters!!) THE detachment. Especially with this dizzyhead. MrsChicca - I also get annoyed when hubby is right. We are both the same personality types according to numerology - both 1’s which are independant leader types so yes, we both like to be right. I get picked up on what I said and what he heard and perhaps my mind plays tricks on me sometimes but I swear blind I said A when he heard B. Another kick in the self-esteem. Arwen - Normal?! Normal in what context?! Anyone remember that film Flight of the Navigator? There was a line in it, something about the human brain leaking. If only I could plug the hole!

My frustration is a because hubby is known as the dipstick, he often mishears things or completely forgets. Now I’m catching up with him :frowning:

Yep apparently permanently forgetting why you are in a room, getting wirds wrong, crashing car cos not putting handbrake on etc was all normal according to the neuro I saw 4years ago as is tingling and burning sensation. Did no neuro exam and sent me away! ! A

I have had to stop working due to the massive brain fog. But I always say bwrain frog! I frequently put things down and in minutes forget where they are. I think I’ve said things when I haven’t and can’t keep track of the days either. Not the safest of things when having to dispense medication! At least I know I’m not alone in this!

Arwen , well your neuro must have lived in a weird sort of normal then! I haven’t been out of the house apart from being in hospital or to go to hospital appointments for 6 weeks now so I am utterly detached from reality and totally confused about days and dates. Like others I also can’t remember what I have told people. I am sure I am turning into that old bore that repeats stories again and again and my visiting friends are just too polite to say!

Lol pudding I thought that he was a right t##ser my dad saw him as well when first getting diagnosed with parkinsons and immediately changed neuro. I repeat stories too and ask the same question repeatedly my hubby is always saying I’ve asked or told him something. Axx Ps never forget what pud I like so far although some days I point at a menu cos I can’t say the word.

Purpledot you’re not the only one with feeling disconnected. It seems like everything is going on around me or I know I’m doing something but just doesn’t feel like it’s me… Today I forgot the word for vertebrae (spelling?). That was interesting telling my fiance how a LP is done without knowing biology of the spine hahaha.

TsukiUsagi (Nihonjin desu ka?) I often think I’ve said things when I haven’t…maybe I just had the thought. I’m also finding placing things in time quite tricky e.g. I might actually remember opening that houmous very clearly, but when I did it is beyond me. Puddinglover - I’d be lost without a calendar on my wall…a wall I pass by very frequently. Do you have one? Arwen - never let it be said that the name of your favourite pudding desserts you (just can’t help myself!!) I have a lingering memory from childhood of being able to picture an elephant but just not remembering what one is called (ironically, as they ‘never forget’). Thought that was funny for years. Not so much now. May you recall your lost ‘elephants’.

Reiki that comment really was a trifle bad

Gengi desk. That’s literally the only Japanese I know haha. I’m terrible with things like that! Elephants are one of my favourite animals. I used to have amazing memory now I put fridge items in cupboards and vice versa haha.

Reiki - I have lost all concept of time. I can remember things happening, but often have no idea whether they happened 2 months or a year ago.

Strangely enough, I have no trouble remembering my favourite food!

I know exactly how you feel. I left the oven turned on over night the other week. I turned it on forgot about it ordered a take away instead woke up the following morning and my kitchen was absolutely boiling hot. My other half keeps taking the mic saying im gonna be in a nursing home before im 30 for burning my house down. In my defence my memory was terrible before MS but now its like sombody cut the bottom out of the sieve