Guilt over poor memory

Morning all, I’m having a bad guilt trip today. I forgot to do my tooth fairy duties for the second night running last night. My poor son, he has been disappointed and its not fair on him. I keep forgetting really simple things, doing silly things and I am completely unable to walk in and out of a room without bashing into the frame :frowning: I’m sure this is down to waiting for my results, my brain is too busy. I had a comment about my typed lists the other day in a shop, I couldn’t say too much as mum was with me but I thought if I don’t have these I’m screwed!! Anyone else feel like this at times? Sam xx

yes I get this, its frightening at times, when I look after the grandchildren I have to remind myself they are there. My daughters ask me to babysit and I forget when it is, so now I ask everybody to keep reminding me of things they want me to do. I am off work at the moment and that does help. So I do think if you are feeling stressed it is worse.My spelling and understanding and finding solutions has changed too. As for doorways, I just walk around slower, if I rush I know I will have an accident. So I am making changes to compansate, it helps. What I do find frustrating is my eysight, its deteriated so much in the last 12months that I have had to change my lenses 3 times. life is fun!!!

It’s very frustrating and I get it esp when stressed.

I just put a good memory tip on ‘tight throat’ post. Take a look.

If it’s any consolation I raised my son years before I had MS and I do remember forgetting the tooth fairy as well. Don’t beat yourself up. You are there for your son and you love him… forgetting the tooth fairy is absolutely nothing and believe me one day you’ll laugh about it with him.

Pat x

My poor youngest son! He is 7 and the tooth fairy keeps forgetting - she must have MS too! Teresa xx

Hi Sam, Tell him the tooth fairy is busy helping Santa who is really, REALLY busy this year because so many children around the world have been especially good. but the tooth fairy will make it up to him with an extra special treat on Saturday night. Then set an alarm on your phone. Or we can all remind you!!! Xx

Hi Sam

I live by post it notes, phone reminders etc as my memory is so poor. I think Mrs H idea about the fairies helping Santa is great.

I have learnt over the past 9 months of being poorly that we all need to congratulate ourselves for the things we have done and not beat ourselves up for the things we havent done.

Paula x

Abso bloomin lutely. Baby steps and be proud of the achievement. Xx

Thank you all for your lovely messages and suggestions :slight_smile: I have put money on top of my mobile phone which I use as a second alarm clock (I need 2!), surely I won’t forget again! Mrs H - I used your line about the tooth fairy helping Santa, thank you xx He asked why she hadn’t been again today after school! Pat - I read your post and I will definitely have to try that, thank you. I hope this gets better once I have my results but I need to get some post it notes in! Sam xx

Hi Sam, nowt wrong wi` writing yourself notes or lists.

id be totally lost wiout mine.

I think Mrs H`s suggestion is a brill one.

luv Pollx

Dear Sam

If somebody mugged me they could have almost anything (within reason!) except my diary. Without this I forget who I am!

Even familiar telephone numbers including my own go up the swanee at times. I also carry post its all the time in case I think of something I had forgotten. As long as I remember where I’ve stuck the post it, it’s fine.


Hi Paula. Yes, I can relate very much to your “forgettory” problems. It can be very tiring to keep forgetting what you are meant to be doing - I find myself going backwards and forwards all the time, as Ive forgotten what I meant to do, or where Ive put things. It feels like my brain has turned to mush, particularly when Im tired. Having a sense of humour helps - as well as lots of lists! Try not to be so hard on yourself when you do make mistakes - its really not your fault!

Ahem! I think I`ve just proved how confused I am by not even getting your name right! Really sorry, SAM!

Faith WB

I remember the upset little boy at the lack of the tooth fairy visit.

I told him that she had left me a note saying she didn’t dare go in his messy room incase she damaged her wings.She said she would look again the following night and if his room was tidy she would give him his money.

It worked!!!


Brilliant work Pip. Does it work on teenagers too? Teresa xx

He he ladies, you are all lovely, making me giggle!! Well, ths morning was a good one, on Friday he came home with a prefect badge that he wore for the day and he had forgotten to give it back to the Teacher; so I put it in his book bag and then set a reminder on my phone. What happened this morning? I forgot to bring the phone downstairs with me so I didn’t see the reminder until I got home to make the bed! Sooooo I had to ring the school to tell them where the badge was. He’s going to start tutting at me soon lol!! Sam x

Oh Sam you sound so like me.

I have had to resort to having my mobile phone on a string round my neck at all times.

It is one of those ancient ones from years ago with a rubber case so you can drop it and get it wet.I think they made them for builders so they are thankfully very hardy.

So I use the string they put work identity passes on…the name eludes me…I think I have spelt that wrong aswell…but anyway,I clip it to my phone so A if I fall I have got my phone

B all of my reminders are with me

C if I did fall awkwardly as is my want it is on a quick release so I dont strangle myself

D If I have a call/appt etc I can immediately make a note of what was said before it drifts off to the clouds never to be remembered again.

It did take a while to get into the habit of putting it on and keeping it there but it has proved to be one of my best tools in trying to carry on as normal.

Hope you aren’t in too much trouble with the littleun!!