Bad memory!

Hello all,

I was just wondering if anyone else on the good ship MS has a memory as bad as mine? I am doing a 1 000 piece jigsaw at the moment, as I find this strangely useful for helping me with ‘recognition’. I must look a laugh to outsiders though, as when my punctured brain is searching for a piece of jigsaw that might fit into a certain area, I forget what on earth I am looking for, and so I have to stick a piece of blu-tac where that elusive piece is intended to go! Is there really anyone as bad as I am?

Best wishes to all readers.



Yesterday morning I went to village 6 miles away-have stayed here 15 years so a route I have travelled many times-for some reason I had no idea which road to take to get home!

There are 3/4 ways back and I found the one I usually use-I tried to recall what was on the route further ahead-I couldnt.

I had to go back there last night-no issues at all! Strange!

Ellie x

Hello Ellie,

I agree, that is very strange, and worse than my problem, as you could have been travelling for ages!


Hi. Am going for a cog (memory) test as I am getting worst at forgetting things, it’s annoying and I get frustrated when am standing looking for something I can’t remember that I went for or I am in mid conversation and totally forget what we where talking about that’s embarrassing when it’s not family am with. Also my talking is being affected I say the wrong words for items I want. All in a normal day on HMS MS:-) Stephen.

Hi again

On a lighter note…

Have just had tea with the kids-we were talking re baking, I said that you needed flugar! Blank looks-and no wonder! What I meant was flour and sugar!

Another funny one is knocks and snickers! Each night they get them for the school for the next day. Socks and knickers of course but now known as knocks and snickers around here!

I have had a few dates recently-and couldnt recall our first 2-I was mortified! But the reply I got was-so u dont recall that you were a frog in Disneyland and I kissed you?!

Humour saves alot of upset-worrying just causes more!

Ellie x

Hello Rebecca, Mel, Ellie and Stephen,

I don’t feel quite so lonely with my rubbish memory now I read of others, but I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I had another ‘do’ yesterday when I was on the 'phone ordering some plants. I was attempting to order no: P546, but when I was about to state that code, I suddenly forgot how to read!! All I could do was invent me having a cough, until this strange MS mist cleared, and then I could complete the order - very weird! But thank you to all contributors.

Best wishes,

(a punctured) Moira

I’m always forgetting why I’ve gone where I’m going , then there’s words, (except swear words for some reason ?), and earlier , and I’m not joking , I was looking at our puppy thinking how he’d grown in the last day or two , then after a while realized I’d still got my reading glasses on !

oh well , onward and downward


Yes Moira my memory has been pretty bad for the last few years and every time I think I’m doing better you can bet your life I forget something really obvious. I have found using a brain trainer machine has been good. On the positive side I can watch a film more than once and still enjoy it as I will not have remembered the end.

Love Wendy xx

My memory is a shocker. But like Wendy I can rewatch films and shows as cant remember the end. But at work I have to write everything down or will forget. And people can’t remember names or faces which can be embarassing Min xxx