Recipe hints

It’s a grand day in Sussex.

Method for making curries:

Fry onions, add a little water if they catch. Put in the spices and pastes if using. Feed in the garlic, ginger and chilli. Add the meat and brown before putting the liquid in.

Here’s a summary of last weekend’s food if you wish to read it. It’s hearty feel good food. Too much chilli and it may be heartburny feel on fire food. Be careful out there:


Brilliant read Steve. As usual. I must say, I go along with your method of curry making. (And I have made one of your slow cooked concoctions, I have it saved in my ‘recipe folder’ section of my word processing app, titled Steve Snores lamb curry, delicious it was too!) I loved Daffodil, Horatio and Calypso.

Keep them coming.



You make Nigella look like Fanny Craddock.

Do you fry in butter, olive oil or dripping?


Maybe Steve is more authentic than that with Indian food and uses ghee.

Sorry Sue, I use sunflower. If I had ghee my diet would go up the creek.

But now you’ve got me thinking…

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No, you do the right thing. I/we use sunflower too. Our clothes complain enough as it is without ghee adding to the problems. And let’s face it, great Indian food tastes pretty damn good made with sunflower oil. Who needs ghee?