i have just made some lovely spinach and feta wraps because i was hungry.

i was hungry because i hadn’t eaten anything so far today.

usually i cook once my husband and son get home from work.

i don’t like the food they want and often end up picking at a meal i knew i didn’t like.

woo hoo! nailed it.

from now on i will have my main meal at 2.00pm.

youngest son had one of the wraps and thought it was delicious, (he’s a vegetarian).

why have i never thought of this before!

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I must admit Carole I too object to the habit of meals at set times, it annoys me. I like to eat when I’m hungry, not when a certain time expects me to. The wraps sound lovely, put’s me in mind for hoisin chicken 1s for me!!! I know what I’m having!!

Sounds lovely. I love spinach and feta. :slight_smile: Must make some my self.

I do find I don’t know what I fancy to eat and seem to be getting fed up of the same old same old. I def will try this.

enjoy your hoisin chicken wraps tracey.

i could taste every single ingredient, onion, garlic, lemon zest and juice, spinach (i love it) and feta.

it must have been healthy too.

Very healthy Carole​ & tasty, that’s the main thing xx


the recipe is on the tesco website.

they have very good ideas for vegetarian food and as my youngest son is a veggie i often have a look for inspiration.

I can recommend a good vegetarian book; The Vegetarian Cook Book - 400 Delicious Recipes from Starters to Sweets by Doreen Keighley ISBN0-7225-1203-1

​I am not vegetarian but we often have food from this book I love the cream of celery soup.

i have a very old vegetarian cook book by sarah brown.

made hummus once from dried chick peas - it took chuffing ages!

nowadays we have them canned in brine.