Sri-Lankan yellow potato curry


The recipe for this dish is gluten free and is absolutely fantastic.I cooked it about a week ago and I’m going to have it again tonight. It’s excellent with some added spinach.

Four or five ‘normal’ sized potatoes - I am using red ‘Rooster’ potatoes.

Cut each potato into four pieces.

Par-boil in saffron (I used turmeric) until about half done, not too mashy. Drain the water.

Add one tin of coconut milk and cook lightly on a low heat, while you prepare:

A medium sized onion cut into small pieces.

In another saucepan: put a little oil. Heat it to a high heat.

Add onion and cook until brown.

Add chilli to taste

Add potatoes.

Open the Chablis.



that sounds deadly think i’ll get me one of them tomorrow

Like the idea of this Mark - yes l use turmeric - supposed to be very good for you - and saffron such a price. l shall add chard to mine - as l have loads of it in the garden - and courgettes. They seem to love the wet weather. l am trying to grow peppers and chilli - in the greenhouse but they need more sun to grow.

Are you still improving from having your amalgum fillings removed. lt was mentioned in the post about vitamin b12 deficiency - a couple of times . Seems it is not just you and l who know how toxic they are. The new low voltage light bulbs we are all supposed to use for energy saving are so dangerous if you break one - as they have a lot of mercury in them.


Hi F.

Since I had those fillings removed I seem to have become more stable. Last Summer before that all sorts of crazy things were happening. Few people seem to like this as it’s costly, but you are right, they are extremely toxic and nobody will ever speak out about this and rock the boat. In UK it’s freedom of speech - as long as you don’t say anything!

The damage that is done is not going to improve, but I can manage with life like this.

I think turmeric is even recommended as a health additive, so I’ll stay with it. I cook with it a lot anyway.

I’m glad you like my recipe, given to me by friends who are native Sri-Lankans, here on holiday staying with me. Next year I’ll be going there - more of their wonderful food.