Courgette fritters - gluten free recipe

Our courgettes are growing so fast - before l know it they are the size of baseball bats. This recipe is easy to do - can be fiddled about with to suit your taste - and what you have in the cupboard/garden - and can be eaten hot or cold.

What could be better!

3 cups of grated courgettes [did mine on the coarse grater in the magimix] pat some of the moisture away with kitchen roll.

1 beaten egg

salt/pepper to taste

zest of a lemon

small chopped chilli [optional]

heaped teaspoon of curry powder

heaped teaspoon of turmeric

fresh coriander or parsley.

l cup of Gram Flour [chickpea flour] which is gluten free and so useful

You can add some grated cheddar or parmesan for extra protein.

Mix everything together well - Use a non-stick pan with olive oil [l like rape-seed oil] preheat then dollop a large spoonful in

the frying-pan and leave to cook for about 4/5 mins before turning over to cook the other side.

Can be eaten hot or cold with a squirt of sweet chilli sauce or yoghurt and mint mayo - whatever your poison!!

[Daughters just come in from work and eat the lot!!!]

lts easy peasy - and a good way of using up the courgettes.


Oh Campion, thank you!!

I’ve been feeling so rotten and barely eaten a thing for days, I’ve completely lost my appetite, but reading this, I suddenly thought ‘I’ve got to have them’!

I didn’t have gram flour, but used wholemeal instead, and smoked paprika instead of curry powder, as I didn’t have that either! and me and my son have just polished off a batch of 8 between us with sweet chilli dipping sauce. Fantastic! Thank you so much xxxx as you can see by the timing of my reply, it was a pretty instant decision, and they are super fast to cook, and consume!

sounds yum frances. i love courgettes.



The batch l made soon disappeared - daughter came in - then a friend l had not seen for a few years - they scoffed the lot. l do sometimes - if we have lots of eggs - make a spanish type omelette/tortilla - with left over cooked new potatoes sliced and fried with mushrooms garlic onions courgettes tomatoes peppers- again what ever you have - and pour over as many eggs as you want - l do about 8 in a big pan - cook it off gently - then just finish off in the oven or under the grill. Again you can add cheese to the top - and even put bacon or ham in it for more protein.

This can be cut into wedges and eated at any temperature - like the courgette fritters - even good to take to work for lunch!

Makes a change from sandwiches - and good if you are on a diet.

Gram flour is a handy staple in your cupboard - being gluten free. Great for making onion barjis. And Tumeric ,l have often read is very good for us.

The trick is to leave it alone to cook - don’t fiddle with it - wait until one side is done before trying to flip it over. The tortilla you don’t need to turn - just finish the top under a grill


Sounds lovely, will give that a go too! Sometimes I guess, you just need a few new ideas to tickle the tastebuds. Will give it a go, I think my son would particularly like it in his lunchbox, as he’s mad on veggies too. Thanks again xx

i had the cougette fritters for tea and jolly good they were too. thanks frances.