Bhindi bhajee

I like freshly cooked food and I have a penchant for gluten free.

Anyway, I was mooching in Asda at Cippenham yesterday (a predominantly Asian area in Slough) and I noticed a ready made sauce in a boxed foil packet for Okra Bhajee (Bhindi Bhajee). The box was boldy marked ‘gluten free’ as well.

So I bought a few of them as it was quite reasonably priced.

It’s not bad. Add onions to it for better texture. I added some capsicums too. Not bad at all. Don’t forget the odd green chilli.

I have never seen it before and I think it will only be found where there is an Asian community but I’ll give details to anybody who wants it.

My next dinner party is being planned now.


oh yummm! mark you have set me off now.

there is a large asian community in bolton so i’ll keep a look out for okra bhajees

carole x


Bhargis are made from ‘Gram Flour’ - which is made from chickpeas. As it is gluten free it is very useful for ‘fritters’ pancakes etc. lt is what l make my courgette fritters from. Try aubergine- brinjal bhargis as well - Pataks Brinjal Pickle is ace. lts hot stuff so you only need a small amount. Lovely mixed with mayo/creme fraiche for a dip - or even coronation chicken.


Hmm sounds lovely…

Hi Frances

Those suggestions are great and it’s exactly what I do already. The Pataks Brinjal pickle is a staple condiment in my cupboard, great mixed with a tin of chopped tomatoes and used as a curry sauce.

I made a note of your courgette fritter recipe when you posted it a while back, thank you.

This home generated food is so much more satisfying than a shop ready-preprared alternative, and usually is vastly cheaper and cooks a few meals as well. Also less or no additives.

M x